From UGLY Magazine Table to Fabulous Doggy Bar

I always see these magazine racks at garage sale. Truth be told I am a tightwad or cheapskate and I will not pay a lot for anything someone is going to throw out or donate.
BUT when hubby and I pulled up to this garage sale I knew I had to have this!
I asked her how much and she said $10 but there was something else I wanted so I said "how about $10 for both of these?" She said okay so I walked away happy and knowing that I got this for $8.
I knew what I wanted to do but then hubby had another great idea so I was torn...until yesterday when I decided that I was doing the DOGGY BAR. So after hubby left for work I gathered my supplies and found a scrap of wood perfect for the piece. I have many power tools so I could do a little extra but all you really need is a saw of any type, drill, jig saw, and some wood screws. It was not hard to do and I just love the way it looks in the kitchen!
Sierra kept going up to it and looking at it and for a few minutes just stood by it while I was taking pictures. Meanwhile, Gerdy Mae my Jack/Fox terrier was not convinced she would like it (so I was a bit worried until about an hour later I heard the crunching of food in the kitchen and knew she got hungry).
This is a great project for all of you who are tired of the ugly dog bowls (or even cat bowls) on the floor taking up space and not adding to the beauty of the room.
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A few weeks I filled my Expedition with lots of goodies! Look at the ugly table top!
Tried to take the pic but Dora, my son's cat, insisted on laying on the table so I just went with this picture.
Sierra looking at me probably thinking "what did you do to the food?"
I hated the ugly doggy bowls
I just love how the piece turned out and fit right into the spot! I love when a project just comes together.

The Garden Frog with C Renee
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!

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