11 Easy Steps to Setting a Fall Table.

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Today, I’ll take you step by step how I decorated my dining table for fall.

Step 1: First thing first is to clear off the table from the summer decorations.

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I have 1 large tote bag, below, that holds my decorations for each season. Here’s a link to the fall bag, here.

Accept for Christmas, of course. It’s not easy to squeeze all those jolly joyful decorations in one bag!

So, I remove the spring and summer florals and put them in a Spring/Summer tote bag I keep in our attic. Here’s a link to the Spring/Summer bag I use, here.

I’m trying to be minimalist in my décor lately.

Giving myself this boundary of keeping it to just one bag, has helped me to keep it under control.

Not an easy task!

I pulled down the Fall tote bag, above, from my attic. What a rush of excitement to unzip the bag to see all my fall goodies!

Happy day!

Step 2: I wipe things down, including the dining room chairs.

I gave my table and chairs a good washing.

Here’s my favorite cleaner that lasts and lasts. One cap full fills a spray bottle. Here’s the link.

This year, I decided not to add a tablecloth.

I wanted a simple look.

To start off, I need to tell you.

My home is not perfect by any means.

My dining table was found for free on the side of a road with just a blanket covering it to keep it dry on a gloomy rainy day.

I live in Seattle where rain is just the way it is.

I brought it home and spray painted the top with mahogany colored paint.

Gasp! I know, you don’t treat beautiful old wood that way!

It’s held up over the last 12 years.

It’s not perfect but you know what?

I’m ok with that.

Now, for the next step.

I love this part since it’s like pushing a reset button and starting over.

Step 3: I put down Pottery Barn blue damask placemats.

I have extentions for this table that can seat upto 12 people.

Today, I left out the extentions.

I’m setting the table for six.

Step 4: Added Pottery Barn wooden chargers.

By adding these warm wood chargers, it adds a fall color without being over the top.

I love orange for fall but sometimes it’s overwhelming in my more nuetral color scheme in my home.

A few years ago, I bought these placemats and chargers during Pottery Barn’s 75% off sale.

I looked on thier website to see the pricing for wood chargers for fall this year. It’s an investment! I found some similar for way less, here.

Wait for the end of the season sales at Pottery Barn to score a good deal.

Step 5: I placed my Currier and Ives plate set on top of the wood charger.

I think this brings it all together.

I’ve collected blue Currier and Ives place settings for awhile now. Link here.

The pattern is so beautiful!

I love mixing patterns.

With design I’ve learned that color brings everything together.

You can have a bunch of different textures or pattern but if they’re similar in color, it works.

I love that!

Step 6: In the middle of the table I added a wood dough bowl.

I found this dough bowl on Etsy. Here’s a link for Amazon of a very similar one, here.

It’s been a versatile layering piece that has been used for many things.

Here, I decided to use it to put some pumpkins in.

Step 7: A beautiful white Victorian pitcher placed inside the dough bowl gives this table the Rustic Victorian look I’m going for.

This white pitcher is the apitamy of beauty for my love of Victorian style.

The collision of rustic and Victorian, by placing this in the dough bowl, brings the exact style I’ve been loving lately.

Step 8: Added a single white sunflower with billowing green leaves to the vase.

With the blue patterns of the plates and placemats, I’m wanting to use white to bring balance.

I tried orange flowers and a fall bouquet but it was too busy.

Adding this single white sunflower was a perfect choice. Here’s a link to some similar ones.

I found some billowy green leaves to give a full look.

Tip: When you’re needing something to cut those wire stems of fuax flowers, get these clippers. Here’s a link. It’s so handy plus does the job quickly.

Step 9: Layer pumpkins in the dough bowl.

I picked nuetral pumpkins.

Burlap, white and little sage green pumpkins lay sideways. So sweet!

Link to white pumpkins, here. Little velvet sage green pumpkins, here. Similar burlap pumpkins, here.

One blue velvet pumpkin on the left side ties with the other blues. Here’s a link.

Step 10: White crisp lace linen napkins with a beaded brown napkin ring adds the finishing touch.

Adding these delicate white lace napkins is like adding jewelry to an outfit.

It’s the finishing touch of elegance that is welcoming and completes this table setting.

I like to simply fold the linen napkin in fourths.

Slide the tip through the whole of the napkin ring and call it a day!

No links for these beauties. These were purchased at an antique store. Here are some that would work great, too. Here’s the link.

Super easy.

Step 11: Place name tags where guests will be seated.

By placing a name tag on a plate when having guests, it makes a gathering less chaotic.

I think about who will sit by who.

This is important for good conversation.

By placing certain guests together that you know get along well, it makes for a successful get together.

But most of all, it’s personalized.

Guests love to see thier name.

I had these wooden names made several seasons ago for regular family members who come over each year for the holidays.

You can use paper or blank gift tags like these below. Link to similar brown gift tags, here.

Take a sharpie and write thier name on it.

You can tie it with burlap string or velvet ribbon onto a napkin ring.

Just some ideas I’ve used in the past.

Here it is all done.

I think it all turned out like I imagined.

It’s simple and easy for everyday use cause of the washable placemat and charger.

With no table cloth, this will be super convenient for a quick clean up between meals.

I love how it turned out.

I didn’t add glasses and silverware yet.

They’ll be added when our guests come over.

I hope you were inspired to set your table for fall.

Please come back soon as I share more fall decorating inspirations.

You can find more seasonal tips here.

Watch these steps as I take you through them on YouTube.

Thanks for coming by Victorian Lane Farms!

Esther I Lewis
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