A Simple Little Upgrade for Your Outdoor Summer Event

Are you having an outdoor event this summer? Don't have enough water pitchers? This is a little trick I learned while dining at a local artisanal pizza shop.
This is one of those "Wow, it's so easy and super inexpensive!" tricks that'll make your event have a 'higher-end' look. We all like that :-)
Using old wine bottles (well cleaned of course), fill with water and place in refrigerator & chill well. The restaurant used clear bottles (as shown here) but also used green bottles. Both looked stunning.
If the day is hot or very warm, the chilled bottle will show condensation. That's a good thing :-) It makes the simple water look so much more inviting! And I dare say a little more "European" looking too, because water doesn't get brought to your table as many restaurants in America do . So if you want water you must 'order' it. Also, getting ice is practically unheard of ;-) LOL!
If you've saved the bottle top or cork, that'll keep out the little bugs too! Isn't is great when something so simple can make your table setting look so much more elegant! Don't drink wine? That's OK. Ask any local bar to save bottles for you or reuse any other pretty glass bottles. Don't forget to add some other pretty items to your table vignettes too!

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