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I'm excited to share this project with you. I've been thinking about it on every dog walk in the woods for the last few months. I've seen some like this with colored "flowers" for another season, but it's finally time for me to create something "wintery."

I've used natural and foraged items which definitely makes my heart happy. I love to use natural elements and I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by them. If you are not so lucky, you could always purchase some!
The base of this is an old grapevine wreath (flea market for $4) and it's thicker and more loosely wound than one I have.

After the base, pinecones make up the entire wreath, I have plans to create another one for the shed with pinecones, and other items I pick up along my walks.
Although the items are natural, I wanted to give it a more cohesive look so I used a mix of two paints and then added just a little bit of Epsom Salts at the end.
This is so easy to duplicate, especially since the painting hides any imperfections, or messy parts.
I saw these on Pinterest and they were my inspiration. Gorgeous right?You know it's normal to get inspiration - no matter where it comes from. That's why we blog, to share inspiration and where we find our inspiration.
There is a big creative world out there just waiting for us to add our own special touch on something.

For mine, I wanted to add the pinecones and have them look like flowers like the one right above. They have to be snipped and you can usually get 3 to 4 flowers from each pinecone depending on the size.
I picked up some pretty large pinecones in South Carolina back in September and a few from my walks. Most on my walks are the long skinny kind that don't lend themselves to the flower look I was going for, so look around for the wider type.
My plan all along was to hang it from one of my vintage windows I picked up in Lucketts, VA. If you have a love of vintage windows, you need to see my post on creating a menu on a vintage window.
Here are the steps to create a pinecone "flower" wreath.

GATHER YOUR SUPPLIESPineconesPaintGrapevine WreathPaint BrushGarden SnippersGlue gunGlue sticksEpsom SaltRibbonMod Podge
I found the best tool to cut the pinecones down were snippers.

You have to use al little muscle on the large pinecones and many will have pieces break off, but that's ok. You can glue them back onto the rest of the flower when you add them to the wreath. It was easier with smaller pinecones but for a variety of flowers sizes, use both.

Usually you would snip the top few rows of pinecone and have a "small" flower. Then the lower you get the larger and wider the flowers are.
The best glue I have found to use is the Gorilla Glue sticks, I bought a very large package of them and they are the best.

Place your "flowers" however you like them around your wreath and glue them on. The variations are endless, you could glue just a few on one side, along the bottom or cover the wreath entirely.

I covered the wreath but I stayed mainly on the "front". You could cut up more pinecones and round it out along the sides if you want.
I waited until after I glued them on to paint them. I was not interested in painting them perfectly and covering all of the brown. I knew I wanted to hang it from a vintage window that was dark brown and I thought that it would look great.

So I switched it up between Oyster and Whitecap, All in One Mineral Paints
I had, although any acrylic paint you have on hand would be fine for this project. Like the kind you can find at Walmart or Michaels for under a dollar.

I mixed the colors, painted on top of each other and was thinking I may add a tan color and mix it in a bit but I didn't.
This is where you could use gilding wax in gold or silver to tie your wreath into your decor if you use either of those colors.
I brushed a little bit of Mod Podge onto the pinecone flowers and sprinkled them with epsom salt. These days there are so many wonderful smelling epsom salts you could scent your wreath like that!

This is totally optional but I wanted that sparkle, especially after I decorate and have my lights up and tree up. I think they will glisten beautifully.

My holiday decor tends to match my home. I lean toward neutrals so with greys, creams, charcoals, whites and dark wood, I thought the black and white buffalo check was perfect.

I told you I wanted this on a vintage window I had recently bought but I also took some pictures of it on another (shocking) window I have in our living room.

I think it looked good there too because it was white. After I hung it on the brown window, it looked a little lost because it's a big window.

I found these window clings at Walmart, I couldn't really believe I was taking something natural and adding window clings to it but....I did.

I like the look and since it's early November, there's a good chance I will change it out 5 more times.
So I swore I wouldn't decorate until the day after Thanksgiving but darn if there isn't a wreath over my fireplace. I've already moved it from the center and have been thinking about what else will be on the mantel when I really decorate...

Dempsey realizes he's going to have to model during the holidays and he's not thrilled

Thanks for joining me on my journey! It's so fun to create and share projects with you. I love to hear back from you what you like, don't like and what you are working on.
Over the years I have become determined to build in time for what I love during the holidays.
They include: Cutting down our treeReflecting on where my decorations came from Baking Making a fresh wreathTime with family and friendsBuilding firesListening to holiday music (already started - don't tell Carmine) Driving around looking at lightsChristmas Eve massConcerts at the Mormon TempleSetting a lovely table Wrapping beautiful packages Watching the Hallmark Channel (who am I?)Walking in downtown FrederickBurning my favorite winter candles from Anthropologie. It's never too early to decide to have the kind of holiday that makes you happy and brings you a smile and peace. I wish that for you.

For now, have a wonderful week - thank you for being here.XO, Regina

Below is a list of products I used, some wreath options if you don't have time to DIY and another DIY pinecone wreath to check out.



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  • Connie Connie on Nov 11, 2021

    Since the pine cones are natural, should they be dried in the oven before using inside? Your wreaths are beautiful.

  • Kara Kara on Nov 19, 2021

    Wreaths are beautiful! Anyone know how to make fake snow for outdoor use?

  • Patricia Skula Patricia Skula on Dec 21, 2021

    Hi would you tell me how big is the wreath completed and the size of your window Thanks


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  • Carole White Carole White on Nov 12, 2021

    So pretty! I love using natural elements as well and my area has many trees and vines that I can even weave my own wreath form! Your Dempsey is adorable! Thanks for sharing this project

  • Jeannette, FL Jeannette, FL on Nov 13, 2021

    Lovely wreath. I, too, love to make wreaths with natural elements.

    Thank you for the well wishes of happiness. May the season fill you with joy as well.