Carrot Patch Sign

5 Materials
2 Hours

It all began with this cute design inspired from Whiskey and Whit. I follow her on YouTube and she has great DIY ideas and crafts. This is from her 20 Amazing High End Easter DIY’s for 2021 video.

Using orange vinyl I cut this out with my Cricut machine. If you don’t have a Cricut, you can still do this by using stencils, stickers or even free handing it yourself.

I took this square sign from the dollar tree and painted it with my Waverley white chalk paint. It took two coats.

I had these carrots from the dollar store and then also cut apart the vinyl sign to see how it would fit. I didn’t use all of the wording on the sign as you can see.

OK, so now it’s down but kind of looks a little blah to me.

So I took my burnt umber paint and added a little bit of water to it, just a little, and painted it on and then wiped off the excess.

And then I thought the carrots were kind of missing some thing too. In some spots you could actually see the white Styrofoam from underneath. So I added some jute twine that I got from the dollar tree.

Glued on the carrots and this is how it looked at this point. If I were to do this over again I would probably make the lettering bigger but it’s what I had so I worked with it.

In the end, I added some jute twine and a flower with some moss that I got from the yard. I was finally happy with it. Hope you like it too!

Suggested materials:

  • Dollar Tree sign
  • Vinyl
  • Paint
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