How to Make a DIY Spring Garland For Your Mantel

by Rosaenidn

Let's make a DIY spring garland together, featuring cute bunnies and carrots! It's super easy and fun, and you'll love the charming result. Here's what you'll need and how to do it:

Color-your-own ornament
Spray adhesive

Tools and materials

  • Color-your-own ornaments bunnies and carrots
  • Floral moss
  • Scotch Super 77 permanent spray adhesive
  • Orange burlap
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Twine
Bunny ornaments

Making the Bunnies:

Bowl of moss

1. Start by breaking apart the floral moss into small shreds. You'll need them to cover the bunnies and the tops of the carrots.

2. Place the shredded moss in a bowl.

Spraying the bunny with adhesive

3. Spray the front of each bunny with the spray adhesive.

Dipping the bunny in moss
Moss-covered bunny

4. Quickly dip the sprayed bunny into the bowl of moss shreds. Let it dry. Repeat these steps for the rest of the bunny decorations.

Carrot ornament

Making the Carrots:

Applying tape to the carrot top

1. Cover the bottom part of the carrot decoration with plastic wrap or a small sandwich bag, securing it with tape.

Spraying the carrot with adhesive

2. Spray the top of the carrot with the adhesive spray.

Adding moss to the top of the carrot

3. Immediately sprinkle moss over the adhesive.

Carrot ornament with a mossy top

4. Remove the plastic wrap or sandwich bag and let the moss dry.

Orange burlap for the carrot

5. Once dry, place the carrot face down on the orange burlap.

Carrot shape

6. Trace around the bottom of the carrot with a marker to create the cutting line on the burlap.

Cutting out the carrot shape in orange burlap

7. Cut out the carrot shape from the burlap.

Spraying adhesive on the carrot

8. Spray the bottom of the carrot with adhesive spray.

Placing the orange burlap on top
Carrot ornament

9. Quickly place the carrot-shaped burlap onto the adhesive. Repeat these steps for the rest of the carrots.

Threading the ornaments onto twine
Creating the garland

Creating the Garland:

1. Thread the twine through the hole in each decoration, alternating between bunnies and carrots.

DIY mantelpiece garland for spring

2. Hang your lovely spring garland using small nails or tacks.

DIY spring garland

Your very own DIY spring garland is perfect for adding a cheerful touch to your home decor. What spring crafts are you working on? Share your projects in the comments below.

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