How to Make an Easy Fall Pillow Using Dollar Tree Items

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Today I'm going to share with you a simple and easy fall pillow using humble Dollar Tree items. It's appropriate for fall and would be a great addition to your home décor in a Farmhouse style!


Tools and materials:

  • Placemat
  • Hot glue
  • Pillow
  • Cotton
  • Wooden beads
  • Scissors
How to make a DIY fall pillow

This is the cute fall pillow we are going to make!


Gather placemat

1. Glue placemats together

First, I started with a black and white checkered placemat, which has the word GATHER woven inside a fall-themed wreath. I found this in the kitchen section of Dollar Tree.


Plain placemat

I also bought a plain black and white checkered cotton placemat for the back side of the pillow.

Gluing the sides together

I placed the placemats facing each other and drew a straight line of hot glue on the edges of the placemats and stuck both of them.

Leaving one side of the pillow open

I stuck all the 3 sides of both placemats, leaving one side open. Alternatively, it can be sewn, but I chose to use hot glue for quick results.


Inserting a pillow

2. Insert a pillow

Next, I inserted a pillow through the opening on the fourth side. Alternatively, you can use polyfill.

Closing the open side

3. Close the open side

Later, I applied a straight line of hot glue on the fourth side and used a few clothespins to hold it in place.


How to make a pillow for fall

This is how it looks so far! Isn't it pretty?


Cotton yarn and wooden beads

4. Add tassels and beads

We can stop at this point, but I wanted to add tassels and wooden beads. So, I got cotton yarn and a wooden beaded garland from Dollar Tree.

How to make tassels

How to make tassels

To make the tassels, I wrapped cotton yarn around 3 fingers around 30-40 times. And I knotted it by bringing it all together.

DIY tassels made from yarn

And, I took another piece of yarn and tied just below the knotted area as shown.

Trimming the ends

Next, I cut the ends of the tassel and trimmed evenly.

Adding the beads to the tassels

Then, I took 3 wooden beads and inserted them through the knotted yarn.

DIY beaded tassels

Now, all of the beaded tassels are ready to be decorated.


Attaching the tassels to the pillow

I stuck the beaded tassels on all 4 corners of the pillow using hot glue securely.


DIY fall pillow

DIY fall pillow

The tassels added the final touch to this cute fall pillow. It looks store-bought! This farmhouse decor piece will be a beautiful addition to your home this fall.

If you are interested to watch all the black and white checkered fall décor, here is the link:  (And for other videos on my YouTube channel Sun's Arts


DIY fall project ideas

Suggested materials:
  • Black and white checkered tapestry placemat   (Dollar Tree)
  • Black and white cotton placemat   (Dollar Tree)
  • Just Cotton Yarn   (Dollar Tree)
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