Easy Felt Flower Garland

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I love this easy felt flower garland project for so many reasons. First of all, it is super cute. Second…it used felt scraps and I have so many of them in all the sizes and colors. It is easy peasy to make and can be done with a sewing machine, hand sewn or glued. This makes it a project that would work great with kiddos too. Once complete, it is adorable home decor or fabulous for a party too.

Supplies Needed

Directions To Make Easy Felt Flower Garland

Start with the pattern. There is a free one to download that works great. Additionally, you can doodle some flower patterns onto paper then cut them out.

Next, use the patterns to trace onto your felt and then cut the pieces out. If you trace, it can be hard to cut around the pen marks. I usually pin my pattern to the felt and cut it with that method. It is a little bit trickier but definitely my preference.

Decide how you want to assemble the flowers and stack the pieces accordingly.

Next, it is assembly time. Sew (or glue) the pieces together. The Fabri-Fuse glue from Eclectic is amazing because it works great with felt and provides an elasticity that is long lasting so it won’t harden and crack.

Add the flower pieces to a long strand of ribbon. This could be any size. If additional colors of green are desired, add some petals and leaves to your garland.

How To Use Your Easy Felt Flower Garland

There are several fun ways to use the garland. I believe the first way is probably the most popular and that is to hang is as a decoration.

A second way to use it would be to place it down the center of a table as a runner. This would be a light and easy one to transport for a picnic or a party at a playground. This one was sewn on a sewing machine.

Additionally, the flowers can be glued to straws (or dowel rods) and added to party decorations like these rainbow kindness sprinkles.

About E6000 Fabri-Fuse

Fabri-Fuse allows exceptional adhesion for general fabric applications. Its extreme flexibility and stretch will allow fabric to remain flexible – even after washing or dry cleaning.

  1. It can be sewn through once dry.
  2. Fabri-Fuse dries clear as can be.
  3. The bond is permanent.
  4. It is acid free and has no odor.

More Flower Crafts

Kindness flowers made from clay are really fun and create a way to spread some cheer. Get the full tutorial here on the bloggity blog.

Painting flowers is tons of fun too. There is a full set of directions for these here on the blog too.

Flower Printables are so much fun to color. There are several in my FREE printable library.

You could even use this one for extra pattern ideas for the felt garland.

Ways to Use Free Printables

You might have seen this list from me before but I think it is worth sharing over and over. Sometimes the people in the back need to hear things a few times, right? There are so many great ways to use free printables. Here are some of my favorites.

  • Print them and mail in an envelope with a stamp. Snail mail rocks.
  • Batch some up to make an activity book. This is great for a road trip!
  • Print and use at a place setting on the table to create a conversation starter.
  • Add them to goody bags. By the way, goody bags are not just for birthday parties.
  • Package them up with your favorite markers and crayons to give as a gift.
  • Drop a few off at the local coffee shop with fun pencils to spread some happy.
  • Cut them up to make cards, gift wrap and decorations.

So cheers to flowers for all of the things. Whether you grow them, craft them or create them another way – be sure to use them to spread happiness and cheer.



Suggested materials:

  • Kunin Basic Felt   (Craft Stores)
  • Sewing Machine

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