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I am a huge Christmas fan! Pretty much everything in my house changes at Christmas and the one thing I hadn't previously perfected is a hot chocolate station. I really loved the idea of it being tiered and all matching, but I didn't want to spend a out came my crafty thrifty brain and came up with this! Hope you like it :-)

Here is everything you'll need.

Hot chocolate, however many toppings you want (I went for EVERYTHING- marshmallows and a vegetarian version for me, mikado, matchmakers, chocolate chips, sugar toppers, mini fudge pieces, sprinkles, candy canes, sauces, mini biscuits, squirty cream), jars, chalkboard self adhesive labels, a chalk pen and some shelves (not pictured as they hadn't arrived yet but they're pictured later).

To get to the stage pictured here you'll need to remove all sticky labels from the jars you save (sticky label remover posted previously), and I chose to spray paint the lids silver so they all matched. You could choose another colour or to cover the lids with paper like fancy jam instead :-)

First you need to fill your jars. Try to choose suitable jars for each of your toppers- tall jar for matchsticks for example. With the mini biscuits (I have chocolate penguins and gingerbread men), I tried to position them carefully so you can see what they are through the jar.

At this stage you should have something that looks like this. Now you're ready to start your labels.

Again I tried to choose labels which suited the jars I was labelling- big labels for the hot chocolate and marshmallows, smaller labels for smaller jars, etc. I tried to make sure the writing looked nice and did a little doodle to pretty it up a little.

This is roughly what you should have at this stage. Now is the most fun bit!

This is the step I chose to buy for my station. There are lots of different styles available.

Once you have positioned all your jars how you want them (I tried to stick to the tallest things at the back then working smaller as you move to lower shelves), you can add whatever decoration you want. I was bought this gingerbread house biscuit jar and matching mugs recently so I incorporated them. I also used some mini Christmas trees and mini tinsel. And of course baileys for the grown ups :-)

A slightly different setup here as I tried different layouts. I think I prefer this one :-)

Get creative with your layout. Enjoy!

Suggested materials:

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  • Steps   (Amazon)
  • Baileys   (Tesco)
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