How to Create a Simple & Stunning Early Fall Apple Tablescape

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It’s officially apple season, which means I had to set up an early Fall apple tablescape to celebrate! It was so beautiful and yet so simple!

Early Fall Apple Tablescape : The Inspiration

We have the cutest apple orchard just down the street from our house.

I get to drive by it every time I head to town.

This year, every time I passed it, all I could think about was taking our little boho table out there and having a picnic under the branches full of apples.

After I suggested the idea to my husband he gave me an involuntary laugh, which he quickly stopped and turned into a “Honey, that sounds like fun! But probably not realistic.”

He’s the logical one between the two of us.

So my next idea was to have a picnic under our baby apple trees.

But sadly, they are so young that they don’t have a single apple on their branches yet.

With all of that said, I decided to bring the ambiance of an apple orchard to our boho picnic table instead!

Honestly, it’s probably easier to bring the apples to the table than it would be to bring the table to the apples anyway.

Once again, my husband was right.

But don’t tell him I said that haha!

Early Fall Apple Tablescape : The Details
Harvest Fruit Options

This early Fall apple tablescape could easily be replicated with any harvest fruit of your choosing.

Pears. Grapes. Peaches. Plums.

A combination of them.

Honestly, you could do it with vegetables too!

Anything seasonal that you “just harvested” from the garden would be perfect!

The inspiration behind this Fall table setting was to create the feeling that we just finished picking apples and spilled them out on the table to be enjoyed by all.

So any harvest fruit or vegetable that you wanted could be used to do the exact same thing.

Adding Texture

One of my favorite ways to add visual interest to a tablescape is to add different textures.


In this early fall table setting, I used a table cloth I picked up at a garage sale for $2.

But a blanket scarf, table runner, or even a large napkin would work too.

I also added pillows around the table for seating.


I love the way the basket of apples and the vintage picnic basket add some of the warmth that always comes with wood tones.

I’ve heard that mixing wood tones is a design no-no before.

But, honestly, when I look at nature I see all colors and tones of wood growing beautifully together.

So mix and match until it feels just right!

Simple Dinnerware

I wanted the apples to be the focal point of this fall table setting so that meant I need to find plates and cups that wouldn’t make a big statement.

Our ordinary dinnerware was perfect for this.

However, I did ask my husband if he wanted the mason jars with handles instead of the mason jars without them.

My man loves the mug style so much.

Ambiance – Candles

If you’ve visited any of my backyard picnics, you know I love the candles.

For this Fall tablescape, I decided to use a different style of candle.

Just for fun really.

I think it turned out so nice!

I picked up those cute glass vases from a garage sale for FREE!

The sweet woman wouldn’t let me pay her.

People are good. Even in a crazy world with so much pain. People are still so good.

Apple Goodies

You could bring any food you love to this party.

But I wanted to continue the apple theme.

So I added apple cider and apple donuts.

Funny Story About this Early Fall Apple Tablescape

My husbands’ parents have some apple trees on the farm.

We recently went up there to drop the girls off for Gramma and Pap Camp.

Before we left we took a fun tractor ride out to the apple trees to go picking.

It was a perfect and beautiful September evening.

We picked so many apples, that we’ll be eating apple goodies for weeks!

I planned on bringing those wonderfully wild and imperfect apples home for this apple-themed picnic.

But wouldn’t you know it!


Does anyone else feel like you’d leave your head behind if it weren’t attached?

Good grief!

But, luckily that sweet orchard is just around the corner!

So we made a pit stop and turned it into a fun date.

Early Fall Apple Tablescape : The Steps

Step 1.

The first thing I did was drape a table cloth across the side of the table.

I originally had it going down the entire length of the table, but I decided I wanted to create a more casual & laidback feel to match the boho picnic table.

Step 2.

Next, I added the decor pieces.

I have a few round baskets at the house so I decided to use one to create the “spilling over” effect.

After I had the apples in the bucket I got to do something so fun for a mom who spends her days picking up…

I dumped it!

I did have to grab a few apples that rolled away faster than I intended and put them back with the rest of the apples.

Then I added an amber vase I bought at a flea market and filled it with clippings from a tree in the yard.

Step 3.


I just set them all around the table cloth around the apples that spilled out onto the table, until it seemed balanced.

Step 4.

Next, I grabbed some of the dishes from the kitchen.

Just the everyday, ordinary dishes.

Step 5.

Finally, add the food and drinks!

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