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Happy Fall You All :) I hope you have a great start of the beautiful fall season. Leaves have started changing their color now and turning yellow. I decided to do some fall crafting. A leaf comes first in our mind when we talk about fall, so here I am painting fall-colored leaves on glass.

Before proceeding further, let me share the fact about this glass! This is a slightly cracked glass. Though it doesn’t leak or is much visible on the glass, as now it is of no use so I decided to recycle and upcycle the glass after painting. I have shared this DIY on my Instagram stories a few days back. You can watch it in the story highlights still. Let’s see How To Paint Fall Colored Leaves on a Glass. I hope you will find it an easy and quick way to craft.

How To Paint Fall Colored Leaves on a Glass

Here is the glass bottom where it is cracked. I will cover this with painting now.

You will need:

A transparent glass

Crystalline glass paint in yellow and orange color

Glass paint outliner

Paintbrush with a small tip

Tissue paper or paper towel

How To Make it:

First of all, I draw some freehand leaf designs on the glass, then waited for few minutes until it gets dry fully.

Now get set ready to see How To Paint Fall Colored Leaves here on the glass. It is super easy!

Start with yellow color first, a light color is always the right way to start with. I filled the leaves with a shade of chrome yellow crystalline paint color.

After painting the yellow in the leaves, I filled the outer space with a wood shade orange color.

I waited few minutes until it gets fixed and then I used very light brush strokes of red color to give some shading in the leaves.

In a few minutes, the glass was fully dry and there were crystals visible in the paint. Crystals are usually visible when the glass paint is fully dry.

Now you know how to paint on the glass which is of no use before but after painting it is now ready to use as a centerpiece too.

I put a candle in the glass and it was looking a lot better now. The camera didn’t capture that exact look by the way!

Isn’t it looking nice and a perfect fall-themed craft idea? Why not to try it yourself and see how easy it is to paint colored leaves on a cracked glass?

How To Paint Fall Colored Leaves on a Glass

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You can also have a look at some of my previous DIYs about fall craft ideas. Keep visiting to see more fun DIYs and crafts on my blog in the coming days. I hope you will enjoy my easy and quick crafts and ideas. Don’t forget to give your feedback :)



Suggested materials:

  • Glass   (Dollar store)
  • Glass Paint   (Craft store)
  • Paint Brushes   (Craft store)

Creative Khadija
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  • Amy Amy on Oct 22, 2021

    I never thought to use a glass. That was until I made a lantern for my husband. That's a really cool idea. Thank you for sharing.

    • Creative Khadija Creative Khadija on Oct 22, 2021

      Sounds great, I always enjoy creating some upcycling DIYs & this was an easy one! :)

  • P P on Oct 24, 2021

    suggest running a little crazy glue into that crack - would hate for it to break all the way now that you have painted it! and worse, it might cut a hand holding it up to examine your artwork if the crack finally goes all the way! crazy glue will seep into the crack & stabilize it

    • Creative Khadija Creative Khadija on Oct 27, 2021

      That's a great idea. Thanks for sharing :) But actually the crack is very invisible as well as not felt on the skin when we touch the glass. It is not broken properly. But I think it is better to coat it with mod podge so the surface will be sealed totally :)