1. Pine cone bract wreath and trees

Get creative with pine cones and make stunning wreaths using the bracts! This DIY project by Somewhat Quirky Design shows you how to remove the bracts from pine cones and use them to craft beautiful wreaths.

By following the instructions, you can create lovely, long-lasting fall and winter decor for your home.  Get tutorial here

2. Fall basket centerpiece

Create a stunning DIY basket centerpiece for the fall holidays using items found around your apartment. Stack three baskets of various sizes, securing them with floral foam and a dowel. Fill the baskets with straw and add a mix of real and fake greenery.

Decorate with oranges, skewered or glued, and add finishing touches like lavender, marigolds, and pine cones. The customizable centerpiece can be adapted for different seasons, making it a versatile and impressive addition to your seasonal decor. Get tutorial here

3. Pine cones flower wreath

Transform dried-out pine cones into a beautiful fall wreath with a beachy touch. After ensuring the pine cones are bug-free, cut them down to a smaller size and trim the edges to shape them like flowers.

Place the pine cones onto a wire-framed wreath, securing them snugly. Paint the pine cones with acrylic paint to resemble flowers, and add Spanish moss for texture. The finished wreath is a lovely and unique addition to your fall decor. Get tutorial here

4. DIY pine cone wreath

Create a DIY pine cone wreath using chicken wire or a wire wreath frame. Bake the pine cones to kill bugs, then re-wet them to close them back up. Roll the chicken wire into a tube and secure it with nylon ties, shaping it into a wreath form.

Insert the pine cones into the chicken wire, leaving space for a ribbon. Add decorations like a fake leaf garland and ribbon. The wreath can be easily transformed for Christmas by changing the decorations. Enjoy this budget-friendly and customizable fall decor project. Get tutorial here

5. Pine cone flowers and wall art

The project involves creating beautiful pine cone flowers and simple pine cone wall art. The pine cones are soaked, cut, and painted in vibrant colors, resembling flowers. They can be used to make lovely arrangements in vases or as wall hangings on wood or canvas frames.

The process is cost-effective and yields stunning results, perfect for autumn decor. The project also leaves room for using the remaining parts of the pine cones for future Christmas projects. Get tutorial here