Spring Decorating: Simple Yet Elegant Lantern Makeover

5 Materials
30 Minutes
I took this galvanized steel lantern and turned it into an elegant Spring decoration with just a few simple items. The project is very easy and adds charm to any occasion.

Here are the items you will need: galvanized steel lantern with no adornment, galvanized steel pot with a black chalk paint panel (you could also use a chalk paint sticker), self adhesive photo scrapbook embellisbments, chalk paint markers, Gerbera Daisy, potting soil, grass for stuffing Easter baskets.
I gathered all my supplies together and readied them for my project
First I made sure that my galvanized steel pot would fit inside my lantern. Then I repotted my Gerbera Daisy in the galvanized steel pot.
I used my chalk markers to free hand the word SRING on the chalk paint panel on my pot. Note: it's best to do this before you repot the plant.
I peeled the adhesive photo embellishments from the plastic backing and placed them on the glass side panels of the lantern. I played around with the design until I had it the way I liked it. The embellishments are easy to remove if you don't like the way your design looks. I chose not to decorate the front or back panels.
Finally I assembled all of the items together to create an elegant Spring decoration.

Suggested materials:

  • Glavanized Steel Lantern   (Home Depot)
  • Gerbera Daisy   (Home Depot)
  • Potting soil   (Home Depot)
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