Springtime Wreath

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This is an oldie, but a goodie from nearly 4 years ago, and it never goes out of fashion for your home's seasonal decor.
It always starts out easy enough. You see a Pin on Pinterest and you say to yourself, "I can do that!" You proceed to try and find the link to the original pin only to see that it's nothing more than just pics and any traces of it have vanished into cyberspace. You take this search a little deeper and find the description that gives you vague directions and you go for it! And then you find out that, um, Pins aren't alway correct. *gasp!* I know, what are we supposed to believe in anymore if Pins are less than perfect? I mean, it was on the internet, shouldn't it be true/real/accurate?
So what happens if you can't find directions in the vast sea of cyber space?
Um, well, we move on and improvise! After all, I am a fiction writer, I make things up for a living, surely I can make this thing up!
So I started with my pile of supplies, which I quickly realized were insufficient. You see, in the Pin they said they bought their supplies at the Dollar Store...um, good luck with that. I tried the Dollar Store by my home and found that either they no longer carry feather boa's and such, or they never carried said supplies.
So of course me and my improvising self headed to the craft store, Hobby Lobby to be exact and proceeded to use up my 40% off coupons...yes, I did go through the lines several times to get the discount, wearing a disguise of course!
What you'll need for one feather boa:
1 foam wreath*
*Some have mentioned that you could use a pool noodle in place of this and then just duct tape the ends together...um, I would have had to thought of this post back in the summer in order to buy a pool noodle! And I just don't always think that far ahead when an idea hits me.
2 feather boa's , choice of color*
*I decided to go with pink for Valentines Day. You could do white for a winter wreath or you could go with a green for spring.
Glue gun with glue sticks
Okay, so the first step is to start wrapping the feather boa's around the wreath and securing it with hot glue, like so.
Yes, I got a little creative and mixed the boa's up a little.
Us fiction writers like to do uncommon things like that.
After the feather boa's are secured, I tied a pretty ribbon to the top so I could hang it.
Made two just to shake things up a bit.
Of course you could just display it like this too.
It's resting on a book stand.
Also got a little more creative when I found some yarn that resembled grass.
I used some pretty quilting pins to adhere the small
flower cutouts that I made using a scrapbook punch.
Use this one for Valentines Day or...
And use this one for Spring. Look at it resting all nice and pretty on my front door.
*it's always nice to see that you used the wrong watermark on your pictures too...thus is life sometimes

Author Lisa L Wiedmeier
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  • Linda Mil Linda Mil on Mar 12, 2016
    Such adorable wreath ideas. I like them both!! I will be on the lookout for yarn that looks like grass! Also for boas, I know just where I will use this one!! You made something quite simple into something just darling!! I can do this! Thank you for your inspiration!!! Can't wait to get started on these!! Kudos!

  • Hannah V Hannah V on Mar 14, 2016
    These are so fun!