Quick and Stylish: How to Craft and Easy Fall Centerpiece With Apples

Shawna Bailey
by Shawna Bailey
3 Materials
2 Minutes

Need a quick fall decor idea? Having a last-minute dinner party? Want to impress your guests with almost no work? Well then this super easy fall centerpiece idea is for you.

It’s festive, looks great, and did I mention it takes two minutes to make?

Gather the materials for this fall apple craft and let's get started!

Festive decor for fall

Tools and Materials

Fall apple craft

1. Make the Hole

Using the small side of your melon baller, scoop out some of the apple. This makes the perfect hole for your taper candle to sit.

Seasonal centerpiece using apples

The process leaves you with a clean and polished look.

Apple candle holders

2. Add Your Candle

Now, take your taper candle and gently insert it into the apple, repeating this process for as many apple candle holders as you desire

Creating an easy apple centerpiece for fall

3. Arrange Your Easy Fall Centerpiece

I put together a group of six apple candle holders to make the centerpiece. I also added three gourds for some variety. You can use gourds, apples, or any other reasonably firm produce to make these candle holders.

I'm not worried about dripping wax with this centerpiece, because the apples catch it all.

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Quick and easy fall centerpiece idea

Apple Candle Holders: An Easy Fall Centerpiece

There you have it, a fall apple craft that captures the essence of the season and can be made in two minutes.

Try it out and let us know in the comments how it worked for you!

Now who wants to come over for a party?

Suggested materials:
  • Apples
  • Melon baller
  • Candles
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  • Bflatblues Bflatblues on Nov 27, 2016
    Very simple... super idea! I also love Lynn's idea ... (from Tucson AZ)
  • Jo Sanders Jo Sanders on Nov 28, 2016
    Had a lovely Harvest table for the Thanksgiving meal and the centerpiece had a runner with fabric that was Fall colors. On the runner was faux tiny pumpkins, leaves and small name tags at each place setting. Also on the runner were candles in a round glass held in place with with orange and red beads! It was lovely!