Tips and Tricks for Styling a Fall Front Porch

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I recently finished styling my fall front porch and I thought I would share with you all my tips and tricks for doing so. Especially since I just shared my tips and tricks for styling a fall table a few weeks ago! I have been decorating our front porch for fall for about three years now and I’ve got to say, it’s my favorite season to do so. Mums, pumpkins, and cooler weather are my favorite. It makes my coffee sipping in the mornings much more pleasant when I can see a wide array of pretty pumpkins!

I love the way the mums and pumpkins come together on the front porch steps to create a welcoming fall entryway!

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Shop Around for the Best Prices

The only downside to decorating for a fall front porch is the prices. It can get kind of expensive if you are like me and go a little overboard on the mums and pumpkins! So my first tip would be to just shop around your local area and see where you can find the best deals. I noticed my local Walmart had the best deals when it came to mums. With them being only $6 a piece, I grabbed most of them while I was there.

All the pretty mums from Walmart!

Unfortunately, they were out of all the pretty pumpkins such as jarrahdale and fairytale, which is what I wanted. They had great prices on them though. There was only one left in the bin (and it was cut so I didn’t get it) but it was only around $7. Which is much better than what I spent on pumpkins at Lowe’s. I went to Lowe’s after Walmart and while they did have the pumpkins I was looking for, they came with a hefty price tag. It was like $12.98 per pumpkin. Which is crazy but I know at our local farmers market, it is around the same prices too. Thankfully, I had a gift card but I would recommend keep stalking your local Walmarts for the best priced pumpkins!

Such beautiful pumpkins from Lowe’s!
Buy Mums That Aren’t Fully Bloomed Yet

To get the most out of your mums this season, buy them when they aren’t fully bloomed. I know it seems kinda crazy to get flowers with no blooms, but it’s definitely worth it. Especially since mums can be a little finicky and don’t last too long. If you get the ones that aren’t bloomed all the way, they will last you longer in the season. Sometimes it can take a week or so before they fully bloom, but it is well worth the wait!

You can see how most of my mums here have no blooms to them yet. And also, here’s another little bonus tip for you- lay towels down in your trunk to place all the mums and pumpkins on! That way you don’t get your car all dirty bringing everything home too.
Wash Your Pumpkins After Bringing Them Home

This tip for styling a fall porch is super important. Don’t forget to wash your pumpkins when you bring them home! Getting rid of all the dirt on them will help prevent them from rotting. So don’t be afraid to purchase your pumpkins early in the season as long as you’re prepared to wash them. I used to buy pumpkins too early and didn’t know about washing them so they would always rot sooner rather than later. I shared all about how to properly wash your pumpkins here last year so be sure to check that out if you haven’t yet.

Washing all my pretty pumpkins here!
Clean Your Front Porch

Here’s another tip for Styling a Fall Front Porch, be sure to clean it! This may sound silly, but it definitely helps if you thoroughly clean your porch in between seasons. I like to give mine a good mop down before adding new decor for the season on it. Plus, it also helps the porch look better when I take photos after I clean it. We do get a lot of pollen around here and since my porch is stained a dark color, you can always easily see it. So that’s why I like to make sure it’s nice and clean before adding all my pretty decor out here.

Scrub a Dub Dub!
Pick One Spot To Focus On

I do have a rather long front porch, which I am very happy with, but if I wanted to place pumpkins and mums everywhere, it would cost me a fortune! Another tip I have for styling a fall front porch is to just focus mainly on one area. Whether it be by the front door or the front steps, it definitely helps to just highlight one spot instead of everywhere. I decided to highlight my front steps. Since you can clearly see them from the road and it creates a really welcoming fall entryway.

Here you can see more closely how I styled each side of my steps.

I alternated between the mums and pumpkins I bought on each stair and I am happy with the cascading look it created. Also, on the bottom stairs, I planted some fall flowers in my vintage crocks.

Other Easy Ways to Add In Fall Decor on Your Front Porch

Here’s another important tip for styling a fall front porch- you don’t have to spend a ton of money to create a beautiful fall front porch. You can easily just add in a few touches here and there to make it more fall like. Such as just grabbing a fun fall door mat! I got mine from Kirkland’s several years ago and I love the fact that it says to “come back with pumpkin spice”. Since I am a huge pumpkin spice lover.

Here is the corner to my front door decor.

You could also make your own decor to save on money! Just like I did with my vintage inspired fall market signs. You can see them scattered about here on the front porch. Or you could also make some easy pumpkin topiaries like I did as well to create a fall vibe. I also tend to keep everything else on the porch the same but just add in a few little fall touches. For example, just switch out a wreath or some outdoor pillows and you’re good to go! Also, be sure to just re-use your decor too. You don’t need to buy new fall decor every year. Just buy a few little things here and there as you need them and just continue to build on your current collection that way instead.

Add Some Cozy Lighting

When Styling a fall front porch, I love to make it cozy! So I tend to go overboard and add in some cozy lighting. Such as battery operated candles, light up pumpkins, and/or tea light candles. I used both tea light candles and battery operated candles to create this look below on my front porch.

How cozy and beautiful!

Here’s a link below to a quick little video I did on this cozy front porch glow as well:

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On my back screened in porch, I also added in a few cozy touches. I found these adorable light up pumpkins in various sizes and placed them around the porch. They are so cozy and pretty at night! I also found this cute little sign as well to add to the fall porch decor!

Such a nice glow in the evenings!

Well I hope these little tips and tricks help you when you are styling a fall front porch as well. Do you normally decorate your porches for different seasons too? Or do you mainly just decorate the inside of your home? I am crazy and love to do both!

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