Winter Village Add On

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1 Hour

I wanted to create a snow scene with my Christmas villages. I was a little late on making them but they will be ready for 2021 Christmas. Perfect if you want to get a jump start.

Snowy trees made from a few things around your home.

First you will need sticks or branches. Cut with a saw to your desired length. Make sure they are round enough that a screw can get threw them. I used 2” screws it was what I had on hand.

Depending on the wood you have lying around would be how you determine your screw length. These are 3/4” plywood I believe. My husband had an attachment that cut them in circles. I believe a square cut would do the same idea nicely.

I forgot to mention with my sticks I did a light coat of white spray paint to get the snowy look. Depending on what your sticks look like when you go to spray them, you can always distressed them with a piece of sandpaper.

Here I have the bases screwed on tightly.

It’s time to snow. I did just pick up this can at my dollar general. They are selling them out.

As you can see I sprayed heavily on the base. I sprayed around the bottom sides first and touched up on the top of base when it stood up. I then spritzed it lightly all over. This is where the fun begins. To make it look the way that you want you can either go heavy spraying or you can go lightly. I chose to go lightly.

A close up.

I have my villages all packed up. So, I just grabbed a village piece that I use year round. Plus, my first photo has a smaller house to give you an idea.

I think they will be fun to add on to my village this coming year. I’ll add a photo at that time to show how it looks. I hope you enjoyed this project.

Suggested materials:

  • Wood   (Home depot)
  • Sticks   (Yard)
  • Spray snow   (Dollar General)
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