Unique Terrarium Redo

2 Materials
1 Hour

This terrarium is so gorgeous , but the rusty look didn’t match our decor . With a little elbow grease and some wax it turned out beautifully and is so easy! Check it out

Here it is in the store . We brought it home, cleaned it, then distressed it with some sandpaper. It still didn’t have the look I was looking for so I tried some paint.

At home, I cleaned it, applied some grey paint but that didn’t do anything . My next idea was to apply some black paint, let it sit , then wipe it off. When wiping I left some areas splotchy.

Here is an upclose of the darker paint . I applied it unevenly for a more natural weathered look. I removed it in some areas and it turned out great! White wax in some areas adds to the patina .

Here is the final product ! I used moss, a bonsai tree and individual succulents for a small fairy garden. What do you think? I love the new look! If you love the shape of something, don’t be scared to give it a little TLC.

Suggested materials:

  • Miss Mustardseed black paint   (Amazon)
  • White wax miss Mustardseed   (Amazon)

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