Autumn Wreath From Old Wreath

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I redid an old wreath that I had in the garage. I hope you enjoy the new autumn wreath as much as I do.

Dove in an old wreath.
Once I dusted the wreath and shook out some dead leaves, I removed the dove. I must have done a good job with the hot glue gun, because that dove did not want to leave, I finally clipped a few flower leaves and set her free.
Supplies I bought.
The wreath is large. That's a full size Chinet plate in the first photo to show the size. My son took me to Dollar Tree. For the wreath, I bought 4 flower stems with multiple flowers or berries, and a decal saying "be grateful", so that's $5 spent on the wreath.
Each stem has several flowers.
I decided to separate and remove each flower with its own stem. I worked old school, just bending the stem back and forth until the wire in the stem broke. Then I used a steak knife left from dinner to cut the thin plastic. (If you don't know me, I am 90% bedridden, so my husband brings me almost all my meals in bed. My trip to Dollar Tree was the only non-medical trip I have taken in 3, maybe 4 weeks.)
One cluster on the wreath.
This wreath already had all the red and white flowers and a little greenery filling most of the space. I had used the old wreath on the living room wall for a couple of years. I took it down one Christmas and it ended up with the Christmas wreaths, and it was stored in the garage for at least the last two years. I redistributed some of the flowers and added in the ones I bought: burlap Gerber daisies, red peonies, a couple of small stems of bittersweet, and several stems of berries. I used another simple process to attach the flowers and berries. I stuck them through the vine wreath until I found the right pocket for each. No glue gun or other glue, no pins or twist ties, just the geometry of straight stems into tubular vines.
"Be grateful" wreath ready to hang.
The "be grateful" decal is waiting for some wide ribbon which I have not felt like getting yet, but it's in my gift wrap closet. I had a large Comm and hanger which I had previously used in my bedroom. I removed it according to directions, trimmed off most of the stretched adhesive, and mounted the hanger on the glass door overnight to make sure it still stuck. The next day, I hung the almost finished wreath on the glass storm door. I may edit this post to given an update. In the meantime, click on the photos to make them larger if you wish. I'm eager to hear some truthful but polite comments from you!

Suggested materials:

  • 4 flower stems, one decal   (Dollar Tree)
  • An old wreath, 2' of wide ribbon, a knife   (I had these at home.)

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