18 DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas, From Traditional to Unique

Discover a bunch of fun and easy DIY Christmas wreath ideas to make your holiday decorations special.

From natural-looking wreaths made with grapevines, holly, magnolia leaves, and dried oranges, to using old bicycle wheels for a unique twist, these projects bring a new vibe to traditional decorations.

You'll also learn how to make wreaths with dog paws, pine cone parts, and even a cute chicken theme. Whether you like classic styles or more playful ones, this list has something for everyone.

So, let's get crafting and make your home feel extra festive this holiday season!

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Orange grapevine wreath

1. Orange grapevine wreath

Starting with a more traditional wreath, Nick Kreticos shows us how to create a rustic grapevine wreath with simple steps.

Begin by fluffing the pine stems and attaching them to the wreath with a hot glue skillet. Add holly stems, magnolia leaves (which can be arranged backward for a natural look), and homemade dried orange slices, secured with hot glue.

The wreath exudes a natural cottage-style charm, combining greenery, holly, magnolia leaves, and oranges for a beautiful seasonal decoration.

DIY bicycle wheel wreath

2. Bicycle wheel wreath

This DIY project by Jo Carmichael involves repurposing an old bicycle wheel rim into a Christmas wreath.

Jo used a string of battery-powered fairy lights to give the illusion of spokes. Carefully threading the lights through the wheel, she made sure to handle them gently.

She also used garland to cover any gaps in the light string and added ribbon and Christmas balls for a personalized touch. If using a wheel with spokes, weaving the lights through is an alternative option.

DIY dog paw wreath

3. Dog paw wreath

Next, Nick Kreticos shows us how to make a cute DIY dog paw wreath.

To make the wreath, start by connecting the four smaller grapevine wreaths (the "toes") using 24 gauge wire, securing them tightly. Attach them to the side of the larger 18" grapevine wreath at an angle. Then, craft a two-ribbon bow, focusing on twisting for a polished look.

Attach both a bone and a sign using wire and staples with pipe cleaners, placing them where desired. Add ficus stems and ferns around the sign, bones, and bow. Finish by incorporating two small bows.

Pine cone bract wreath

4. Pine cone bract wreath

This project by Somewhat Quirky involves creating a wreath using pine cone bracts, which are the "leaves" of the cones.

The process includes removing the bracts from the pine cones, which can be time-consuming. The wreath is made using a styrofoam form and three different sizes of bracts for a balanced look. The final result is a lovely piece of fall and winter decor.

Christmas chicken wreath

5. Christmas chicken wreath

Create a unique and festive chicken wreath for the holidays using natural elements like evergreens, magnolia leaves, berries, and pine cones.

The wreath can be displayed indoors or outdoors. It starts with a chicken wire form and uses floral wire to attach the leaves, creating a layered effect.

Following the instructions by Melissa Caughey~ Tilly's Nest, carefully cut branches to form the legs, which are wired onto the frame under the foliage feathers.

DIY snowflake wreath

6. Snowflake wreath

Create a unique holiday front door display by crafting a snowflake wreath using evergreen boughs, following this guide by Chloe Crabtree.

Begin with an eight-inch styrofoam round and six identical branches secured with steel picks. Cut extra branches into smaller pieces and add them to the center, leaving space for pine cones and berries.

Use snowy picks to give a snowy effect and attach them to each point of the snowflake. Complete the look with pinecones and berries. Display your finished snowflake wreath on your front door to welcome holiday guests.

DIY plate wreath display

7. Plate wreath display

Next, Jennifer | simpleprairielife shares how to transform your holiday decor with a stunning blue and white transferware plate wreath. Collect various patterns of blue transferware plates to achieve the desired look.

Use removable adhesive strips to securely hang the plates without breaking the bank. Arrange the plates on the floor first to ensure the placement is pleasing. Apply adhesive strips to the back of each plate and hang them on the wall, making adjustments as needed.

Incorporate different sizes, shapes, and patterns for visual interest. Consider layering smaller plates for added depth and security. Complete the wreath with a handmade bow for a beautiful and impactful holiday statement.

DIY Christmas Santa gnome wreath

8. Christmas Santa gnome wreath

Create a festive loopy yarn Christmas Santa gnome wreath using a dollar store tinsel sign as the base. Unravel the sign and use the saved embellishments for decoration.

Attach a skein of white loopy yarn to create Santa's beard by looping it through the hat form. Secure the loops with hot glue for a snug fit. Stuff the top of the wreath form and slide the Santa hat over it.

Craft a nose using pantyhose and stuffing, then tie it above the beard. Hot glue the hat around the nose and beard for stability.

DIY rag wreath

9. Rag wreath

Create a charming DIY rag wreath with a rustic barn door backdrop, inspired by the shabby chic farm style.

The wreath-making process is simple and budget-friendly, costing under $6 in supplies. You'll need wire wreath forms, twisty ties, and fabric strips (about 6" long and 1" wide).

Secure the wreath forms together with twisty ties, then tie the fabric strips to the forms in sections. Create a fabric hanger for easy display.

Scandinavian-style wreath

10. Scandinavian-style wreath

Corine Mapes- Junk to Gems demonstrates how to create a DIY Scandinavian wreath with a candle feature. Begin by painting a metal ring white, achieving a chippy finish by using Vaseline in specific areas before spray-painting.

Attach a painted candle cup to the wreath using hot glue and super glue, securing it with a clamp overnight. Add greenery using zip ties and tie a gauzy ribbon to the candle cup. Insert a battery-operated candle to complete the wreath.

Mop head wreath

11. Mop head wreath

Corine also has another great DIY Christmas wreath idea. This time, learn how to craft a budget-friendly mop-head Christmas wreath. Purchase three duster mop heads and a foam wreath form from the dollar store.

Use hot glue to attach the mop heads, covering the form completely. Embellish the wreath with items from local craft stores, or find cute options at the dollar store.

Wrap wood bead ribbon around the wreath and add a jute hanger. Incorporate festive elements like a miniature truck ornament, securing it with hot glue. Finish by crafting a bow from torn muslin fabric and adding a rhinestone brooch for a touch of sparkle.

DIY balloon wreath

12. Balloon wreath

Hosting a Christmas party? Sarah Vanderkooy shares how to create a lively Christmas balloon wreath with a cardboard base.

Draw two circles on cardboard using a string and a Sharpie. Cut out the wreath shapes with a craft knife. Blow up around 40 green balloons and 8 red balloons, partially inflating them for a circular shape.

Cut X-shaped slits in the wreath form. Push the balloon ends through the X's using a blunt tool. Attach red balloons using adhesive glue dots.

Craft a bow from red poster board, gluing the edges together and wrapping the middle. Add tails to the bow. Attach the bow to the wreath using glue dots. Hang your festive and colorful creation to brighten up your Christmas decor.

DIY Grinch wreath

13. Grinch wreath

Next, Nick Kreticos demonstrates how to craft a Grinch-themed wreath. Start by attaching a pipe cleaner to the Grinch sign's hanger, then secure it to the metal frame of an evergreen wreath.

Remove the tops from ornaments and insert them into the wreath. Add ribbon tails for extra flair. The wreath doesn't require glue, allowing for easy customization and reuse.

DIY gingerbread wreath

14. Gingerbread wreath

Nick Kreticos also has a tutorial on how to craft a festive gingerbread-themed wreath without using glue or tape. Begin by fluffing a flocked wreath for a fuller appearance. Create a bow using gingerbread-themed ribbon and attach it securely to the wreath frame.

Add plastic gingerbread men ornaments and secure them using their tops or hot glue. Integrate peppermint sprays for a finishing touch.

Gold and white deco mesh wreath

15. Deco mesh wreath

Learn to create a stunning gold and white deco mesh wreath with this tutorial by Keitha The Bajan Texan. Two techniques are taught: the ruffle and the spiral deco mesh techniques.

Cut the burlap mesh into 10" squares, then gather and secure them in clusters on the wreath. Alternate colors and add spirals by following the mesh's natural curl. Attach ribbon strips with duck-tail ends to complete the wreath.

Light-up ornament wreath

16. Light-up wreath

What do pool noodles and Christmas ornaments have in common? Amanda C shows us how to create a customizable DIY light-up ornament wreath for the holidays using pool noodles, ornaments, hot glue, and dried greenery.

First, tape two pool noodles together to form a circle. Shape and cut them to your desired wreath size, then secure the ends. Use hot glue to attach large ornaments to the outer and inner edges of the noodle ring.

Cover the entire noodle with ornaments, filling any gaps with dried greenery like eucalyptus, and secure them in place with glue. Add battery-powered lights for a beautiful glow.

Jumbo ornament wreath

17. Jumbo ornament wreath

Learn how to create a stunning jumbo Christmas ball wreath to decorate your outdoor window with this project by Sonata Home Design.

Start by connecting two pool noodles with duct tape to form a circle. Create a hanger using wire covered in jute and secure it under the pool noodle.

Attach Christmas ornaments to the outer and inner perimeter of the wreath using hot glue, ensuring the tops face down. Be cautious not to put glue directly on the pool noodle to prevent melting.

Continue adding ornaments until the wreath is full. Fill any gaps with smaller ornaments or Christmas picks for added texture.

DIY poinsettia wreath

18. Poinsettia wreath

This time, Nick Kreticos shares how to easily transform an affordable Walmart wreath into a poinsettia-themed holiday decoration.

Begin by fluffing open the wreath branches for a fuller look. Prepare the poinsettias by opening up each petal and cutting off the stems. Dip the poinsettia ends in a glue skillet for secure attachment to the wreath.

Add leaves around the edge for a larger wreath appearance. Optional berry stems can be incorporated for extra flair.

DIY Christmas swag ideas

For an alternative to a wreath, check out these DIY Christmas swag ideas.

DIY Christmas wreath ideas

Now that you have a treasure trove of creative Christmas wreath ideas, it's time to bring your favorite ones to life. Which of these projects inspired you?

Gather your supplies, let your creativity flow, and spread the holiday cheer with your one-of-a-kind wreaths. Happy crafting and happy holidays!

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