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You’d never know this holiday wreath is made entirely out of coffee filters.
Bring a wintery wonderland vibe to your front door or above your mantle by making your own coffee filter wreath. This DIY coffee filter wreath has big style, but is low budget.
Grab a stack of coffee filters, make a pot of coffee (you’ll need some caffeine to power through this DIY) and get crafting.
A while back I bought a pack of 700 coffee filters from Costco. At $2.59 total, I thought it was a deal that was real, and I figured they would get used up over time. Well, even with my coffee-guzzling habit, at least 500 of those coffee filters were still around after about a year.
Whether you’re like me and need to use up an ill-advised bulk purchase of coffee filters or you want to make a wreath for cheap, this DIY coffee filter wreath is the way to go. You’ll need just three more supplies (besides the coffee filters) to complete the project.
What you’ll need:
– Wreath form (I used a straw wreath form)
– Coffee filters (200-300)
– Hot glue gun
– Hot glue sticks
Here’s how to make your DIY coffee filter wreath.
Step 1: Grab a coffee filter
Place one coffee filter on a flat surface.
Step 2: Fold the coffee filter
Fold the coffee filter in half.
Step 3: Roll it up
Loosely roll up the coffee filter in a cone-like shape.
Step 4: Bend the end
Fold the tip of the cone up part way. You’ll use this little end to hot glue the coffee filter to the wreath form.
Now, use a dab of hot glue to secure the end of the coffee filter to the wreath form.
(Tip: It’s helpful to use an object, like a plastic spoon, instead of your fingers to push down on the spot where you’re gluing the filter down. I ended up with burned fingertips from trying to only use my fingers.)
You’ll repeat those steps over and over. Start gluing coffee filters down near the inside rim of the wreath form and work your way out and around. Don’t glue your coffee filters too close to the inside of the rim, or your coffee filters will fill out too much and will cover up the hole in the middle of the wreath.
And, don’t glue any filters on the back of your wreath form. You want the back of the wreath form to remain uncovered, so it can sit flat against a door or wall.
Use your fingers to fluff up the coffee filters as you go. How close you decide to space the coffee filters will determine how “fluffy” your wreath is.
When you’re about halfway through, be sure to loop a ribbon through the wreath form and tie it. This way, you’ll easily have a spot to hang your wreath. You want to do this step before you completely fill in the wreath with coffee filters.
Also, as you fill in your wreath with coffee filters, it gets more and more difficult to hot glue the filters along the edge of the wreath because you can’t see it.
I solved this problem by propping the wreath form on a jar of dark chocolate almonds. The jar held up the wreath so I could see what I was doing and I had snacks at my disposal. Win-win!
It may take some time, but it’s so rewarding to see your DIY coffee filter wreath come together.
White coffee filters give the wreath a snowflake-like quality, but I think brown coffee filters would add a nice vintage touch to the wreath. Maybe next year, I’ll make one out of brown coffee filters!

Suggested materials:

  • Coffee Filter
  • Straw Wreath Form
  • Hot Glue Gun
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