Dollar Store Valentine's Day Wreath

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Here's a quick Valentine's Ribbon Wreath that can be made from Dollar store items. Personalize it with notes written on the foam hearts, and your Valentine will feel special! I made this for my kids and, much to my surprise, even my 17 year old was touched by the personal notes and he asked if he could keep the wreath up on his door even after Valentine's Day!

I have a link to the products I used and ribbon that you might like on my website at

Start with a wired wreath form and your ribbons. I bought a variety of ribbons that coordinated well.

The ribbon I used was non wired. It's the more "inexpensive" ribbon. If you prefer to use wired ribbon, you may want to view this alternate tutorial that I have showing how you can make a ribbon wreath with wired ribbon and then reuse the ribbon for other projects afterward.

Cut ribbon into strips that are approximately 20-24" in length.

Then, take a strip of ribbon, and twist the ends together to form a loop. You can then take that loop, wrap it under a wire of the wreath form, make “bunny ears” and tie it together.

Continue making your bunny ears around the wreath form

If you're using different colored ribbons like I did, be sure to go back and fill in spacing using the various ribbons. This way the colored ribbons will be uniformly distributed throughout the wreath.

Start fluffing up your ribbon.

Here's the wreath with the ribbons tied all the way around and fluffed up. You can see how nice and full it looks now.

Here's a closeup view.

I also added some foam hearts with personalized messages to my kids. Simple things like "I love your laugh" or "I'm proud to be your mom", etc.

I then hung the wreath on their door using a removable Command strip hook.

I hope you enjoy making it for your Valentine's!

Suggested materials:

  • Ribbon   (Dollar Tree)
  • Wired wreath form   (Amazon)
  • Foam hearts   (Dollar Tree)

Marcia Socas
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