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I saw this posted and knew I had to make one. All you need is an old straw hat and a few items from the Dollar Store! (I got my hat at GoodWill!!)
Fold down the brim and start decorating. So simple I found the hat at GoodWill.
The traffic was bad after Irma so I bought cork rounds which I painted white and added black felt dots!
All the other items...hair, flowers, ribbon came from the dollar store.
I glued a small piece of black fabric onto cardboard with Elmer's glue and cut out the mouth. The nose if from a scrap of orange cloth.
I had enough supplies to make 3 hats!

Here is my work space. Scissors, glue gun and supplies.

I used cork circles painted white and black stick on smaller felt circles to make the eyes.   Attached to face with hot glue gun.
The hat came from GoodWill; the hair is from Dollar Tree and I wired around the crown of hat before bending top of brim forward; and leaves were from Dollar Tree silk flowers which were randomly hot glued into place.  The hat I posted has the fake hair.

This second hat also came from GoodWill is a little smaller and has raffia hair which is from the Dollar Tree.
fabric is difficult to cut small things neatly so I glued it to cardboard with Elmer's glue, let it dry overnight.   Of course if you want, you can make luscious red lips!!!

Suggested materials:

  • Hat   (GoodWill)
  • Ribbon, hair, flowers   (Dollar Store)
  • Eyes   (Woodworking store)
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