Fall Paper Leaf Wreath {a Tutorial}

2 Materials
1 Hour

Wreaths! They’re one of my favorite things to craft. In fact, my wreath archives are almost worthy of a blog of their own.

Today, we're making a simple fall wreath using paper and a wreath form!


cardstock (I used 5 sheets of 12×12)

hot glue

wreath form


I used Fall-colored cardstock with a slightly raised dot pattern. I added the kraft/gold dot piece for a bit of shine.

Step 1: Take your cardstock, and cut into 2″ wide strips. Take those strips and cut each strip into rectangles slightly less than 2.5″ long (I took each strip and cut into 5 rectangles).

Cut each cardstock piece into a leaf shape.

Step 2: Using hot glue, attach a row of leaves onto the wreath form. Add a second row, overlapping the first.

Continue around the wreath form…

…and you’re done!

This came together rather quickly (about an hour or so), and I love thinking about all the different color/pattern variations you could use for this (I can’t wait to create a blue ombre one for the Summer!)

Hang on your door with a length of ribbon or a scarf!

Just make sure this wreath stays covered.

Thanks for reading all about my Fall paper wreath! Have a lovely day.

Suggested materials:

  • Paper   (craft store)
  • Wreath form   (craft store)

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