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I have this ugly doorbell box on the back of the door of my condo so with some decorator mesh, a wire wreath frame, some pipe cleaners and ribbon, I made this cute little wreath to cover it up.
The ugly doorbell box. :(
The cute wreath covering up the ugly box
Step one: using 6 pipe cleaners, attach them to the 12 inch wire wreath frame.
step two: bunch up the end of your 21" wide decorator mesh and put a few staples in it to hold it together. We will repeat this step later. Attach to the frame with one of the pipe cleaners where you have two pipe cleaners close to each other. twist the pipe cleaner around the mesh a couple of times tightly.
step three: go around the frame bunching up the mesh approximately 8 to 9 inches and attach them with the pipe cleaners. When you get back to the beginning, cut the mesh and repeat step two and attach with the remaining pipe cleaner.
step four: using two complimentary colors of 10" mesh, cut five 10" pieces of each color. Roll them up and placing one color on top of the other, attach these curls onto the wreath with the pipe cleaners. Twist a couple of times.
step five: decorate your wreath as desired using ribbon, easter eggs, etc. If the pipe cleaners are showing, you can curl the ends around a pen for a finished look. Enjoy your new wreath. I made this one for the hallway side of the door for Easter.
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