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Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Worx Tools. All opinions are my own.

Hey Friends!

I LOVE decorating and DIY Projects! Have you noticed?

Today I have a fun DIY tutorial to show you how to Accentuate as you Decorate!

As I walked in the house one day, I noticed our entryway could be a little more inviting.

I saw this blank beaded sign and knew I could easily jazz it up with my Makers X Crafting tools, so, it came home with me for my latest DIY.

This Crafter kit by Worx is super cool & comes with 5 different tools. I’m going show you how to use the Airbrush and the Angle Grinder components to personalize this blank plaque & turn it into a beautiful and sleek welcome sign.



  • Worx Maker X Crafting Tools( including Airbrush and Angle Grinder)
  • Blank or partially decorated sign
  • Scripted Welcome letters 
  • Square wooden dowels
  • Black airbrush paint 
  • White acrylic paint and brush
  • Protective Glasses

To personalize this sign I'm going to accentuate the welcome letters and beads by airbrushing them with black paint. I'm also going to close off the sides of the sign with square wooden dowels, painting them white to match the rest of the sign. This will give my Welcome sign an overall Modern and Sleek look which I love!

STEP 1: Set Up Portable Maker X Crafting Kit

To begin, I charged the battery and attached it to the power hub (which lasts for hours FYI). The cord connected to the power hub allows me to plug into the airbrush and angle grinder and inter-change them with ease. This alone makes it the perfect tool for DIYers on the go, I love this feature.

STEP 2: Airbrush "Welcome" Letters

Using my airbrush tool, I applied black airbrush paint to my metal scripted WELCOME letters following the steps below:

  • Place welcome sign onto paper towel
  • Plug the power hub cord into the airbrush
  • Fill the paint cup with black Airbrush paint
  • Re-attach the paint cup lid
  • Press the power button
  • Turn the dial to max speed to get the max amount of air pressure out of airbrush
  • Press all the way back & down on the trigger to release the paint from the brush and applying to the letters.
  • Hold airbrush approx 2 inches from letters to avoid paint drip/speckles.

Once I finished I set it aside to dry as I moved to the next step.

STEP 3: Frame Sign with Wood Dowels

This next step is a matter of personal preference. I prefer a framed look so I decided to close off the sides with wooden dowels and paint them the same color of the frame. Another example of how you can accentuate while you decorate.

To achieve this, I unplugged my Airbrush and attached the adapter to my Grinding tool. I then held each wood dowel up to the sides of the sign and marked where I would make my cut with the grinder tool. After disconnecting the airbrush tool and plugging the grinder tool into the power source, I followed these steps:

  • Put on my Safety Glasses
  • Press the on switch of the power hub and turn dial to max.
  • Plug in the power source and Now I will cut off the ends of both sticks. 

As I continued to accentuate while I decorate, I quickly painted the square wood dowels I cut and allowed them to dry before applying to the sign.

STEP 4: Spray Paint Beads

Lastly, I airbrushed the beads black as well. I think it gives a smoothers finish than trying to paint them with the acrylic paint. 

I taped off the sign to protect it from the paint and sprayed the beads from front to back. The paint drys really fast and again gave a smooth finish. The airbrush helped get in between the beads better than a pain brush would have as well.

STEP 5: Assemble Welcome Sign

Lastly, I applied glue to the back of my wood dowels and applied them to the sides of my sign to frame it. I also applied glue to the back of my airbrushed welcome letters to adhere it to the center of my sign. Make sure you work fast with the letters since the hot glue drys fast! 

There you have it. 

The Welcome Sign is complete and looks awesome! 




I LOVE Worx Maker X Crafting Tool. They really catered to the DIY community on this one which I can totally appreciate. The interchangeable components make is to easy to do all kind of crafting projects for beginners to advanced DIYers. Best of all this is super easy for me to travel with when I’m working on client projects! 

I hope this was helpful to show you a few ways you can personalize your DIY projects and accentuate as you decorate! Remember, there are NO Rules, Just Guidelines!

Be safe everyone, I’m Kalia with and I’ll see you on the next project!

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