Planning to take you back yard inside? What is on your list?

We all enjoy decorating our homes with the beauty of what grows around us. Here are a few plants on my back yard list that are 'have to have' for indoor decorating. You can incorporate many of these plants into your landscape so that you will have them available with a quick walk about into your own garden.
You will notice some of those hit my list more than once. Most of my designs for the indoor decorator will contain as many of the above elements as possible and the Coral Bark Maple and the Forsythia (exquisite vase material) are Always on my list.
Yellow Twig Dogwood (also comes in red and orange)
Amiee Gardenia, very fragrant
Coral Bark Maple (my favorite tree!)
Buford Holly (Red Berries and Green spikey leaves..super cool!)
Chicago Peace Rose, pretty and fragrant
From left to right Fat Albert Spruce, Cryptomeria radicans and Deodar Cedar (picture taken at a display we did at the Mall for Christmas a couple of years ago)
Magnolia, Beautiful leaves and to die for big luscious, magnificent and fragrant blooms
Edgeworthia , You only need one bloom to give your home a heady fragrant scent ( but it does grow to be about 5x5 in size and needs a bit of afternoon shade here in the south)
Foster Holly, simply the best for Christmas decorations
Yellow twig, Hydrangea, Holly, Henry Lauder's Walking stick, Coral Bark Maple
Oregan Green Pine, isn't he a beauty?

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