How do I make this farmhouse wreathe?

Looking for directions for the farmhouse wreath

q how do i make this


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  • Here you go . . .

  • DesertRose DesertRose on Jan 22, 2019

    That looks like a dryer vent that is wrapped with jute rope and finished with a burlap bow. Attach the dryer vent together at the top and cover the attachment with the burlap bow.

  • Lina Splichal Lina Splichal on Jan 22, 2019

    Vanessa, You can make this from a variety of materials. A quick DIY would be to cut the sleeves off an old sweater, string them on a rounded out metal hanger, stuff them with whatever you desire (I would use the small pine coned from under my trees) and sew the openings together. Then wrap a rope or cording around and finish off with a burlap bow. You can use glue to fasten everything. Good luck.