Estate Sale- $1 Old Screened Soil Shaker-Now My Fall Front Door Decor!

2 Hours
I knew exactly what I wanted to make when I found this buried in the garage at an estate sale. Elderly daughter said her grandfather had made it for her grandmother. And she thought I was going to screen soil with it!
Old, Dusty, and falling apart!
I cleaned and reinforced all the corners with screws. I also added wire hangers on the back. It's 25 x15 and slightly heavy. I needed to make sure all was sturdy to hang.
Cleaned and ready to paint!
These are the items I've decided to use inside the box. I am putting a small wreath at the top and the floral display will be on the bottom right corner. I scored at JoAnne's with 70 % off all fall items! I have decided to white wash the shaker and screen with Folk Art Home Decor Parisian Grey Chalk Paint.
Whitewashed,reinforced and ready to create!
I screwed in the wreath at top to make sure it stays put. I cut the foam to fit in the corner and glued it on. I then assembled and created my floral display with glue and wired it to the back of the screen for durability when I stand it up.
Door happiness! Shape matches my door panels!
It hung up easily with the wire hanger I created on the back. I also put felt on the back corners so my door doesn't get scratched.
I love they way it looks!
I never pass up scrounging through a garage at an estate sale, because you just might be surprised for $1! Happy Fall!
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  • Lee Esta Kreps Shaffer Lee Esta Kreps Shaffer on Jan 23, 2015
    Wonderful Idea! I have been saving one just like this for a few years. Now I know why! lol Thanks

  • Melinda Record Melinda Record on Aug 20, 2020

    OMG ~ how precious and beautiful. LOVE this door decoration.

    I am so enjoying this HomeTalk because it's ideas and projects like yours that makes this site so much fun and inspirational. Never in a million years would I think to repurpose a dirt shifter for a gorgeous door decoration ~ I need to think out of the box [sifter!] more often.

    THANK YOU for sharing and inspiring ~ you are truly clever and talented!!