Small DIY Pine Cone Wreath

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Every single DIY pine cone wreath tutorial I’ve ever seen calls for a lot of hot glue. I like using my hot glue gun (despite that I always burn the heck out of myself) I just didn’t think it would do well if I ever hung my wreath up outside here with our major cold temperatures.(In fact, this is northern MN, I felt fairly certain I would end up with a lot of lost pine cones.)So, I got to work on a different way to connect them all.

I grabbed my spool of fencing wire.

(You can purchase a spool like this one inexpensively at almost any fleet or home improvement store. The trick is to just make sure the wire you use is thin enough to be really manageable. Most clothes hangers made of wire would be too thick for this. Jewelry wire would work just fine though you really could you yarn or twine too!)

So, I gathered my pine cones and started connecting them. I did this by making a loop around the pine cone and simply crossed it and tightened it down before then wrapping it around the next pine cone.It was great because the wire literally hid right inside around the core of the cone!

Within a matter of minutes I had ten pine cones all in a row and I just had to connect the ends to make the circle. So simple and easy!Then I added another ten pine cones around the outside just wrapping the wire around them and weaving it in.

I ended up with a pine cone wreath I’m really happy with! And it ended up quite sturdy too! I added a loop of wire to the back for a hanger.With  red ribbon I had purchased for my holiday decorating this year I made a simple slouchy bow and added it to the front for a pop of color.

They made a lovely addition to my entertainment center this year and really set off the start of my holiday decorating!

Suggested materials:

  • Needle nose pliars   (Amazon)
  • Wire   (Amazon)

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  • Anna Anna on Dec 07, 2020

    Love it! I wished My much loved mother-in-law would have seen this! She made pine cone wreaths the hard way!