Cutting Down a Tree

I've had a few discussions here regarding trees and issues with them. If you do have a problem tree and it needs felling then this guide will provide some critical information. You should be aware that cutting a tree down can be extremely dangerous and I have covered the safety issues in the guide. Hope this helps with anyone having tree problems.
Cutting down a tree. Safety information.

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  • Tammy T Tammy T on Mar 24, 2013
    Ive been told that gettin a tree cut down in Nov or Feb is best, When te leaves are gone and business is slow they will give you a good rate

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Mar 24, 2013
    Just a few months ago we spent almost $6,000 getting trees down and some trimmed. Sometimes you cannot afford to wait. There was one big one that Hubby was fearful of and wanted it to come down (Poplar, 70' tall and 3 feet across). Two arborist advised that while it had a limited canopy, they felt it was OK. Hard headed Hubby insisted it come down! Guess what? Half the inside was black with rot. The tree cutter was shocked. That tree was primed to take out about half our house and all of our cars. Had it fell just right, it could have kill us all. There could have been hundreds of thousands of dollras in insurane claims. If you have an expensive insurance claim, your rates wiil more than likely increase dramatically, not to mention the high deductible we have. Sometimes, you just have to do what you know has to be done.