6 Holiday Decorating Tips To Better Use What You Already Have!

This time of year decorating takes on a whole new meaning and all new rules! One thing that is easy to forget in this busy season is that holiday decorating is supposed to be fun! It's supposed to bring joy! If at anytime you feel more stressed than joyful, it's time to scale back.
That's why we have put together a list of fast, easy holiday decorating tricks that can help you use what you already have - just use it better! Here are our top 6 holiday decorating tips:
1. Stay with one theme and style for your holiday decorating. It makes shopping for decor easier and makes your space feel professionally finished.
2. Choose two to three colors for your holiday palette and keep it consistent. Multiple color palettes can be too distracting. Try silver, blue and white or red, gold and brown.

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Pick A Few Main Colors, Like This Red, Green, Brown & White. Then Keep The Decor Simple & Suited To Your Home! http://www.proskillnj.com/content/six-holiday-decorating-tips #HolidayCheer

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