Christmas Cloche

2 Materials
30 Minutes

I was in search of a cloche that I seen at Dollar General. After numerous hunting’s for it I came to the realization that I was not going to find it. I went to Dollar General and I purchased their Christmas Snowman light up cloche. Now it was time for transformation.

Here is the beginning piece that I found.

You need to twist off the top. It’s easier then you think but you need to have a little strength.

Time to remove the snowman. A little tricky if you are planning on keeping everything else in tact. That is what my plan was. I used a butter knife to help pry the bottom up and then my fingers to hold down the white base and pulled the snowman up and off. You will have some residue which for my addition it didn’t matter. I had fake snow flakes ready if you could see it.

Now for my cute additions. I have these lovely little Christmas mice that were the perfect size and shape for the cloche.

Time to get the glue gun ready. I used glue on the bottom of the feet and placed exactly where I needed them. Once set put back on your topper.

I tried the sample lights first then added my batteries. Oh so cute!!

Look at how pretty all set up.

I hope you like my simple but beautiful makeover. You can see more photos on

IG — Dreamoakdecor

Estimated cost is per cloche

Suggested materials:

  • Cloche   (Dollar general)
  • Mice   (Charliejamesandco)

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