Christmas Decor (With a Cast of Characters) Part 4 The Crèche

It has been a number of days since I've posted an entry re "using" whimsical characters to add ambience to my indoor succulent garden and throughout my home for the Christmas season.*

I've been busy with the task at hand of winterizing my urban (NYC) outdoor (terrace) garden, as well as decorating it for the Christmas season; tasks which have also served as topics for my recent HT entires.

But today is the first day of Christmas, and one of my Christmas holiday visitors, Miss Boo (seen in image one of today's entry) has been waiting patiently to be featured in an entry. You may recall seeing her as she was included in a group photo-op when I first introduced some of the characters who were visiting me for Christmas.**

Because it has been a few weeks since that intro I've included the image again in today's entry (image two) for easy reference.

In any event in the aforementioned post I stated this:

"You may recall that Miss Boo visited me (wearing a white costume and carrying an orange Jack-o-Lantern) for the Halloween season, for at that time she was featured in a HT post @ ). In my next post re whimsical characters, I'll tell you a little bit more about Miss Boo and introduce you to more of the characters who are visiting."

And since I did state this, I cannot break my promise to HT readers or to Miss Boo, whom, as I stated in the beginning of this post has been looking forward to being center stage.

(BTW, for those of you who do not recall seeing her in my Halloween series, I've made a collage of her two visits here, and it can be found in image three. In both pictures she will not let go of her Jack-O-Lantern in the same way Linus acts with his blanket, or in the same way folks are with their mobile devices.)

Miss Boo did want to show off her Christmas dress to you, dear reader, and since she has waited a number of weeks for her "place of honor," the least I can do is allow her to model her holiday outfit and her snow-covered Jack-O-Lantern. (Images 4-6.)

Moreover, Miss Boo reminds me very much of a little child (Ashley) who "served" at the Family Mass for Christmas Eve last night (where I also served). I was serving as an EM but the Ashley had the "job" of processing with the baby Jesus for the parish's crèche.
When I told Miss Boo about Ashley's help to my parish, she inisted on helping me arrange the figurines in my crèche today, the first day of Christmas, and our efforts can be seen in image seven.

Placing the little drummer boy in my crèche was Miss Boo's idea, and his presence was most welcome by the animals in the crèche who, as the song (The Little Drummer Boy) says, kept time, p-ah rump a pum pum, rump a pum pum . . . "

I am having my eighty-nine year old editor and a close friend for Christmas dinner in a few hours; do you suppose I can count on the drummer boy to play for us?

BTW, most of the holiday characters (figurines) featured in this entry are from Steve Mohr's store, which is also where most of the whimsical holiday characters (figurines) that I've discussed in previous HT entries can be found. As I've stated in the past, Steve can be reached at 212-580-8404.

* Last HT Posting Re "Using" Whimsical Characters for Christmas Decor is @

** Ms. Boo's First Photo-Op with Christmas comrades was in an Ht entry @

Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!

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  • Barbara Sullivan Barbara Sullivan on Dec 27, 2013
    Yes that one have peppermint & short round one to.I brought new Camera for christmas have send back, try my old one I've never put pictures on here my DD does it .When get her to,lol You will love ragg's & cowgirl & boy so cute. Have 3 more in there don't know how describe tall boy & girl about 8 ins tall have like red white hat green out fit I'll look your's again see they in it OK,"Cookie'
  • Barbara Sullivan Barbara Sullivan on Dec 28, 2013
    Oh I'm sorry Darling Daughter should said it, this confusey me lot to..No neighter one I 've had mine few years. I'll try get pictures don't know when but try ok?