Christmas Project!!!

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2 Hours

So I love Yankee candles... and I end up just recycling the jars after they are finished!

so I decided I’d make a little Christmas themed jar and a feathered one for my mam!!

was super quick!!! I love been arty!!!!

Here’s a pic of what I used to make them!!!

So here’s 2 empty Yankee candle jars!!!

i washed them out with hot soapy water!!!

these labels are hard to get off so I actually used the labels as my base!!!

I decided to go for pressed fern from fusion mineral paint!!!

I think it’s very festive!!!

First coat!!!

let them dry!!!

Second coat!!

let them dry!!!

Third and final coat!!!!

Let this dry before painting your designs on!!!

I chose a feather for mam. Using metallic gold - draw a diagonal line - then feather out from that!!!

Forgot to get a during of the Christmas tree - but if your draw a straight line put a little box at the bottom... and then again feather out in a curve for the branches!!!!

Measure and cut your diamonds

Stick it down the side where the paint meets the glass!!!

Again measure & cut the diamonds these are on a sheet so can be very easy cut!!!

do this for the 4 sides of the green painted square!!!!

Front view before I filled it!!!

add Some pine cones

Add some glitter on top of the pine cones!

Fill to the top and put the lid on

Take your string - wrap it around the neck of the jar - tie a knot in it!!!

Wrap it around the neck until it’s covered between the lid & the shoulders of the jar & knot it at the back

Behind view !!

Front view - finished!!

Add little diamonds on the tree itself!!

Looking good!!

Measure the diamonds for around the edges!!’

And the fronts is done!!!

Can you ever have too much glitter!!!

put some on the bottom

Add some pine cones

Add some little Christmas baubles

And then fill with pine cones!! And pop the lid on

And using the string do the same as the feathered jar!

wrap it around - knotting it to keep it in place!!!

Back view - you can see the little baubles!!!!

Here they are finished!!!

And i think they look amazing if I do say so myself !!!

Suggested materials:

  • Fusion paint   (
  • String
  • Scissors
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