DIY Christmas Tree Skirt / Cover

3 Materials
30 Minutes

I absolutely love the look of hiding the tree stand but cannot believe the prices of the premade ones at Micheals or other stores. I decided to try and and make my own with materials I already had on hand.

I found a box, measured the height of the area under the tree and cut it to size.

As many do I'm sure, I have tons of wrapping paper so I just found a piece that went with my tree colors and cut it to size as well.

All I had on hand was wood glue but it worked fine. Once I squeezed out a line along the edge, I used a small craft brush to spread it out.

After each side was folded over, I held it down for a few seconds and pressed it down.

At this point, I was unsure between two different colors and patterns so I glued each one to the same piece of cardboard and put it under the tree to have a look. Once decided, I just ripped off the paper I didn't' want and re glued the one I did.

Since the box is open on the back part of the tree, you can adjust it to however big you want the cover to be.

I think it really cleans up the area and I really like how it hides the ugly stand!

Suggested materials:

  • Box
  • Wrapping paper
  • Glue

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