DIY Christmas Window Decoration

2 Hours
If you are looking for a cute, easy, and inexpensive way to decorate your windows for Christmas, this is the perfect project. I purchased all the materials to make mine from the Dollar Store, so the cost of this was only $7!
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Here are the steps to take to make a Christmas window decoration of your own.
Step 1: Gather your materials.
Christmas Ornaments
Curtain rod
String or yarn
Step 2: Tie the string to the ornaments.
Step 3: Tie the other end of the string to the curtain rod.
Step 4: Continue to add more ornaments at various lengths.
Step 5: Add the garland to the curtain rod to cover up the string.
Step 6: Add the bow and enjoy your new holiday decoration!

Jaime LaPlant
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  • Pat Pat on Dec 25, 2015
    Wonder if these balls would shine and glitter if a light shines on them from outside?

  • Kat6830725 Kat6830725 on Nov 10, 2016
    I have a bay window it would look great in, just need to figure out how to hang them?

    • Helene Beadman Helene Beadman on Nov 11, 2016
      I also have a bay window so I'll use sticky Velcro and cut pieces about 3/4 or 1/2 inches and put string on it. For the garland I'll use small plastic peel and stick cup hooks ( dollar store for 8, 1.00$) good luck, hope my plan helps you...

    • Kitty Kitty on Nov 14, 2016
      What about using tension rods? No jokes or drilling.

    • Lydia Barclay Lydia Barclay on Nov 28, 2016
      what about pushpins than also use to put up garland

    • Jan Jan on Dec 10, 2016
      why not tie the string with the ornaments on to the curtain rod and thenwrap the garland around the curtain rod and this would cover the tied string.

    • Deanna Davis Deanna Davis on Dec 21, 2016
      Use command strips

  • Marcella Marcella on Nov 30, 2018

    I love the way it looks !! Any ideas on how to add a light ,I like the idea from Joan Berniard ?

    • Jaime LaPlant Jaime LaPlant on Dec 01, 2018

      Hi Marcella! Lights sound like a great idea! I haven't tried lights. You could try hanging small fairy lights so they look like icicles. That is just the idea that popped into my head, but I'm sure there are lots of other ideas out there. Have a happy holiday!


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  • Jody Childers Jody Childers on Jan 15, 2018
    Love this! For sure going todo this next year! Thank you.

  • Joan Berniard Joan Berniard on Nov 29, 2018

    Love this! Going to do this on my big livingroom window, but i think i will a 2 or 3 strands of fairy lights from dollar tree to make sure they can be seen at night.