DIY Holiday Burlap Garland

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Dress up your mantle or staircase this holiday season with this easy-to-make burlap garland.
Using rolls of burlap fabric, it's a fast Christmas craft project that will instantly make your home feel festive.
Even better? You don’t need to be super crafty to make your own holiday burlap garland. It’s actually really simple.
Made from 5-inch rolls of burlap fabric, there’s no cutting required. You’ll need just a few other supplies to get started.
What you’ll need:
– Burlap fabric roll (I used two rolls of 5 inch x 10 yards that I got at Walmart.)
– String (a neutral color works best)
– Safety pin
– Scissors
Here's how to make this simple burlap garland.
Step 1: Measure your string
First, you need to determine how long you want your garland to be. The length of your string will be the length of your garland. I wanted my garland to run the length of my staircase railing. So, I measured it at 10 feet. Looking back, I wish I’d added a few more feet on so I could drape the garland in loops. Instead, I ended up just running the garland directly along the railing.
Once you decide how long you want your garland to be, cut your string to that length.
Step 2: Secure your safety pin
Tie a knot around your safety pin to one end of your string. Basically, just secure the safety pin to the string. (You’ll use the safety pin to thread through the burlap. It’s easier than trying to poke the string through every time by itself because it’s too flimsy.)
Step 3: Thread the string
Thread the string through the burlap toward the bottom.
Step 4: Weave using a zigzag pattern
Weave the string through the burlap from the top to the bottom in a zigzag pattern. How far apart you space the zigzags will determine how bunched the ruffles are.
Step 5: Bunch the burlap
About every two to three feet, pull the thread taut so that the burlap bunches.
Step 6: Finish off
Continue weaving and bunching until your burlap garland reaches your desired length. You’ll probably use more than one roll of burlap fabric, so when you reach the end of one just continue onto the next one. When you’re finished, simply knot your string.
Here's what it looks like when finished!
Be sure to add ribbons, bows and lights to dress up the garland even more.
Hang yours along a railing, fireplace mantle or even along a bed headboard or windowsill. There are so many options!

Suggested materials:

  • Burlap fabric rolls   (Walmart)
  • String
  • Safety pin
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