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Our origami shirt folds neatly into a mini bag so you can add treats to count down the days until Christmas! We take you through step-by-step so you can make your own ‘fashionable’ advent calendar.

I practiced first on brown paper to get the hang of it. Make any size you wish. But it really all depends on space and what you’d like to put in your advent calendar.

You can stick with brown paper for your finished advent calendar. As for me, I’m switching to colourful paper for this origami shirt tutorial!

For that extra cute factor, you can actually make these adorable mini origami shirt bags with fabric - more about how to do that on our blog (link below where you see our logo)!

Watch the Video!

Follow along step by step on our video!

We’re starting with an 8″ square of paper but you can make this bigger if desired.

Fold in half from top to bottom and crease.

Bring the lower edge to the top edge, fold in half but only make a small crease at the edge.

It's at this point I add the number using this number stencil from Old Sign Stencils (more about numbering on our blog).

Flip the paper over and pinch along fold in centre.

Bring the fold to the crease marks and press down.

Fold bottom edge up to top edge.

Press along edge.

Fold back down and press pleat downward.

Turn right corner of pleat up to horizontal line to form a triangle.

Do the same on the left side.

Open out paper flat.

Flip paper over and fold in top and bottom as shown.

Leave folded and flip over, turning 90 degrees. Bring bottom edge to just underneath the point of the triangle and press along the bottom edge.

Fold back down and turn 180 degrees. Again, bring bottom edge to just underneath the ‘V’ of the triangle as shown, press andd fold.


Bring top edges together, pinch top fold and bring down to meet bottom fold.

Press along edge to fold.

Fold down and open as shown.


Fold right side into the centre.

Bring the lower horizontal fold down to meet the outer edge.

As you bring the edges together crease to form a triangle as shown. Finger press right along into the corner.

Open right side out. Now do the same on the left side: fold left side toward centre, locate where the horizontal and vertical lines meet on the side and bring them together by pushing downward along the left edge.

Finger press along the inside into the corner. Open left side out.

Turn 180 degrees and repeat the same process along the right and left sides.

Open and turn 90 degrees. On the lower righthand side, make note of where the centre line.


Fold the bottom edge up, then fold the upper edge back along the centre line now underneath. Crease the paper to approx. 3/4 of the way across, stopping when you get to the diagonal line.

Turn 180 degrees and fold the paper upward. This time, we’re working on the lower left side. Again, make note of where the centre line is underneath, then fold the upper edge back along where the line is underneath. Crease the paper to around 3/4 of the way across, stopping when you get to the diagonal line.

When you turn the paper 45 degrees counter-clockwise, this is how it should look:

Now take this opportunity to fold the two lines you just did in the opposition direction and re-crease the folds (you can also do this later, but I find it easier to do now).

Unfortunately we've reached out picture limit because this step by step tutorial is so photo heavy. So head to our blog for the rest of the pictures, or watch the video at the beginning.

To form the little bag, fold up the bottom of the bag so it fits underneath the pointy tips of the collar to close it up.

Now make 23 more to create an advent calendar, numbering each one, and fill them.


Gather all your origami shirts and pin them onto your chosen frame with mini clothes pegs.

We’re displaying our advent calendar on last year’s Christmas Sleigh Decor. In this top section, we can display 12 of the 24 origami shirts.

By the way, we didn’t forget about the other 12 origami shirts. Wait til you see what we've done with part two of our advent calendar.

I hope this step-by-step tutorial is helpful! However, if you’re looking for a simple origami project to start, check out our easy paper holiday ornament (link on our blog below where you see our logo).

Suggested materials:

  • Coloured paper   (Dad's office!)
  • Number stencil   (Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils)

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