I "shutter" to Re-purpose

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6 Hours
Rotten wood shutters had to be removed but I saw a new life for them.
Husband was replacing rotted shutters. The backs were in bad shape as the rain ran down the wall and rotted out the backs of the shutters. The fronts were presentable and could be revitalized..
Center a nail in the shutter, tie twine around a piece of chalk then draw an arc from corner to corner of the shutter.
It looked like this after the arc was drawn. Husband used his scroll saw to cut off the area above the drawn arc.
Painted the brown shutter with white chalk paint.
The stencil was too wide to fit on 1 of the 3 boards across so I cut it down for a better fit.
The end result stencil I used for the snowflakes.
See how nicely the smaller, tailored stencil fits on the board avoiding the beveled edge. Sponge painted with silver craft paint.
The stenciled result.
This step was my brain warp. I found the font I wanted and even maxing out the size in Microsoft Word, still didn't work. I then further enlarged it on the printer. I was going to use the transfer( onto board) method by chalking the text side then turning it over and rubbing the chalked side to the board. I would then paint the chalked outline. Whoops! I failed to invert the image! I abandoned that method and just outlined the text with a pencil and painted the outline.
The shutter height is 55 inches and width 17 inches. I got some 1 inch PVC pipe for the sled rails and some 90 degree /1 inch elbows to be the tip of the rails. Spray painted them silver and screwed them to the back of the shutter.
I drilled 2 holes in the top for some rope guides and added an embellishment.
It is on my front porch greeting visitors.

Suggested materials:

  • Shutters or wood panels nailed together   (Salvaged material)
  • Chalk paint (from a previous project)
  • Stencil
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