Lantern Diy for Fall and Christmas

6 Materials
30 Minutes

if you go to dollar tree store don't forget to stop by the frames aisle and get some frames to make the most cute diy of the season.

creating and designing home decor is something i love and enjoy to do. but sharing them make me more exited then all. that's why today i'm sharing with you this beautiful lantern diy and believe me "no body gonna know".

this lantern can be a great addition to your fall decor but yet to your Christmas decoration which is approaching.

yes my friends, they turn out really similar to the lantern in decor stores.

just what you have to do is to glue and assemble everything together. nothing complicated it's really the basic of diys, great for beginners also.

i made these lanterns with a black long frames, in result, i had a tall black lanterns. there is lots of other kind of frames in dollar tree store, white, gold, silver... big, small, square or rectangular frames... choose your style and make the lantern that fit the most with your interior decor.

for this project, you will need for one lantern:

  1. 2 square picture frames
  2. 4 long picture frames
  3. long marshmallow skewers
  4. rope
  5. piece of hard cardboard
  6. hot glue
  7. small wood cubes

all the supplies are from dollar tree store.

i made two lanterns, so i bought everything in double.

tips: when you go to dollar tree store try to buy all the supplies at ones, because you might don't find the matching frames when you go there next time.

  • remove the pictures and the paper and leave only the glass on the long frames.
  • paint the skewers in black and measure them to make a crisscross like an X shape. i tried to do that in the first time without cutting them but it was tight and the skewers were banding a little bit. that's why i decided to keep one solid and cut the second one in half then connect them in the middle to for the X shape without any risk to be detached from each others.
  • repeat the same thing for all the four frames.
  • remove the picture from the square one and keep to keep only the glass.

  • cut a hard cardboard the same size of this frame and glue it to the second square frame this gonna be the base of the lantern.
  • paint in black the borders of 2 inches.

  • assemble the frames all together, start but gluing the four long frames to make the lantern sides.
  • place it over the base square frame you just made and glue it.
  • bring a rope and make it as a lantern handle. measure it and glue it from side to side.
  • paint 4 of the wood cubes and glue them on each corner on the top of the lantern. yes my friends! now you can call it a lantern :)
  • place the last glass square frame on the top of the lantern just above the wood cubes.

i hope you like it and you will have the inspiration to do it.

Suggested materials:

  • Picture frames   (dollar tree store)
  • Rope   (dollar tree store)
  • Marshmallow skewers   (dollar tree store)
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  • Beverly Hope Kern Beverly Hope Kern on Oct 22, 2021

    Can you take out the tabs that are used to hold the paper and backing in the frames? Or are they needed for something? This is really pretty!! And I'm glad I read some of the questions bc I was wondering about how to take care of the candle and change out decorations if you were so inclined? Great job!!

  • Judy Brizzolara Judy Brizzolara on Oct 23, 2021

    Angela, the skewers are to add interest to the glass. I was thinking of forming diamonds on each side and painting the outer areas with sparkle paint!

  • Theresa Byam Yeager Theresa Byam Yeager on Oct 30, 2021

    This is wonderful! My question is, you said to buy all items together and that is my issue- no square frames,… what about substitute square mirrors? I really like your look. Ty


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