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t didn't take much effort to identify the focus for this week's challenge. My inspiration for this week's post was my mother, known as Mrs. Grace. Mrs. Grace was a very caring lady who had a love for flowers and for her neighbors. She helped the sick and downtrodden and provided for those who could not provide for themselves. Christmas was an especially busy time for Mrs. Grace as she frequently did her crafting and baking in preparation for the holiday. As kids, we loved to help her make ornaments and bake cookies and cakes for people in the community. While I will never be the woman that Mrs. Grace was, I do my best to help others. Every year I come up with a way to brighten the faces of residents at a local nursing home at Christmas. This year I am making table-top Christmas trees.
Starting out with a basic cone shape, I came up with ways to make little Christmas trees.
I decided on green stretch sequins, pom poms, stretch velour, and metallic tinsel.
Using my hot glue gun, I attached the material to the cone. The tinsel proved to be very messy, I still have little pieces of green on the floors.
The pom poms proved to be more expensive but much easier to work with.
After the cones were covered the fun really began. Time to decorate. I began by using mini pom poms. They were light, colorful, and inexpensive. A bag went a long way.
Oh, yes, another decoration was puff paints. Cheap and easy to use.
The process was both fun and easy
This is a final photo of my trees, fourteen down and 56 to go. Thank you, Mrs. Grace, for teaching me love and compassion. Let me be the first to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.
Suggested materials:
  • Sequins   (Walmart)
  • Tinsel   (Amazon)
  • Sturdy paper   (Etsy)
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