Pine Cone Christmas Tree Decor

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I love just Christmas decor, especially when it is personalised or handmade. For Christmas this year I decided to get a little creative with some DIY decor that was super cheap & easy.

The main material I needed for this project was pine cones, so the kids and I went out to our local bush to go find some, as well as some small broken branches.

Once I had my pine cones, I took them home and soaked them in the trough with warm water and vinegar to clean them and remove any bugs.

As pine cones close when they are wet, I then placed them in the oven on the lowest temp for around an hour to dry them out so they would reopen. I stayed in the kitchen through this whole process to keep an eye on them that they wouldn’t burn.

Once they were dried out and had opened again, I then painted them with green craft paint.

Next I used a handsaw to cut the tree branch I had found into little stumps. I then sanded them smooth.

I had some thin wood from another project that I then used to make some little stars, I just cut the shapes out with a Stanley knife. You could also buy wooden stars from a craft store.

I then painted the stars with some gold craft paint.

Lastly, once the paint had dried on both the pine cones and stars, I then used Selleys Aquadhere quickset wood glue to glue the pine cones onto the stumps and the stars onto the top of the pine cones.

I left the glue to completely dry for around 24 hours and then they were ready to display.

This was such a fun project and so easy to do.

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Finished result 🎄

Suggested materials:

  • Pine cones   (Bush or craft store)
  • Selleys Aquadhere quickset   (Bunnings)
  • Wooden stars   (Craft store)
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  • Janerose Janerose on Jan 02, 2021

    More of a comment...but can be made with cork from a wine bottle as the tree trunk as well. Toothpicks to hold together or glue...

  • Kathy Kovacev Kathy Kovacev on Jul 11, 2021

    OMG, Super cute. I'm going to try this one. Thank you.