How to Make a Cute Plastic Spoon Christmas Tree in 5 Steps

I love anything Christmas tree DIY and when I saw these gold spoons at my local party store, I knew they would make a beautiful DIY plastic spoon Christmas tree.

In this tutorial, I'll guide you step-by-step through the process of transforming simple plastic spoons into a festive Christmas tree centerpiece. This project is not only fun and creative, but also budget-friendly. So, let's dive in and bring a touch of holiday magic into your decor!

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Tools and materials

Amscan Gold Premium Heavy Weight Plastic Spoons, Pack of 48

Material: Plastic Color: Gold Brand: Amscan Dimensions: 17 x 7.1 x 5.9 inches Number: 48 Pieces

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Cutting the plastic spoon handles

1. Cut the plastic spoons

I begin by taking my spoons and I'm going to take a pair of wire cutters and I'm just going to cut them at the handle.

Leaving a small part of the handle

You don't want to cut it directly at the base of the spoon. You want to leave about just a half an inch of the handle.

I'm going to continue cutting all the spoons until I've cut the entire package. For my Christmas tree, I actually used two packages of 48 spoons.

Applying hot glue to the spoon handle

2. Glue the spoon ends to a styrofoam cone

Then I'm going to come in with this styrofoam cone, which is about nine inches in height. I'm going to begin at the base of the cone hot gluing on my plastic spoons. I want the plastic spoon just to very lightly touch the base of the table.

Creating the base layer of spoons

I'm going to start with the first layer of plastic spoons working all the way around until I get to where I started.

Creating the second layer of spoons

3. Add more layers

Once I have my first layer done, I can come in and do another layer over top, this time placing the spoons in between two spoons of the bottom layer.

More layers of spoons

So we're staggering the spoons going around completing our second layer and then we're stopping at just about our last layer of spoons.

Making the tree topper

4. Add the tree topper

For my tree topper, I'm going to use this little metal star and I'm going to hot glue it to a barbecue skewer. Then I'm going to come in with some matte Mod Podge and I'm going to paint this star and then I'm going to sprinkle on some gold glitter over top just to give it a fun shiny embellishment.

Sticking the tree topper into the cone

Then I'm going to stick the barbecue skewer down into the styrofoam cone.

Adding the final layer of spoons

5. Add the final layer of spoons

I'm going to finish my last layer of spoons, tucking them up underneath the star.

Plastic spoon Christmas tree

Plastic spoon Christmas tree

This is my finished plastic spoon Christmas tree! What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

You can see here that I did another tree with cream spoons just a little bit smaller. I cut my cone in half just to give me that nice staggered decor look.

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This DIY is so easy and all of this cost me under $10. I really hope that this project has inspired you to get creative and make your own plastic spoon Christmas tree. Experiment with colors, different colors of plastic spoons and really have fun with this one.

Holly Grace
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