6 Pool Noodle Christmas Decorations to Make for the Holidays

Looking for festive and affordable ways to decorate for Christmas? Look no further than pool noodle Christmas decorations! This versatile pool toy can be used in many creative DIY Christmas decor projects.

From classic candy canes and playful elf legs to a stunning ornament wreath and a quirky cactus Christmas tree, we've got something for everyone.

Let's dive into the pool of possibilities and bring some pool noodle cheer to your holidays!

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In The Swim Pool Noodles (40 Pieces)

1. Christmas JOY sign, elf legs & candy canes

Starting with a trio of pool noodle Christmas decorations, this tutorial from Chas' Crazy Creations shows you how to make fun and cheap holiday decorations for your yard or home using pool noodles:

Candy cane

Wrap white athletic tape around two red pool noodles, bend them into a candy cane shape, secure with fishing line, and mount them on yard stakes.

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Hiding elf

Cut a red pool noodle in half, stuff knee-high socks with plastic bags (or other stuffing) and pull them over the noodle halves. Top it off with an elf hat.

"Joy" display

Bend a green pool noodle into a "J" shape and secure it with fishing line. Tape two other pool noodles together to form an "O". Cut a third pool noodle and hot glue it into a "Y" shape. Wrap garland around each letter and secure with hot glue. Use solar lights to illuminate the display.

Pool noodle Christmas decorations by Chas' Crazy Creations

2. Pool noodle birch logs

For a rustic look, Chloe Crabtree demonstrates how to make faux birch logs for a Christmas planter using pool noodles!

Here are the steps to make the faux birch logs:

  1. Cut strips of craft paper and crumple them.
  2. Cut pool noodles into pieces.
  3. Trim the paper strips to be slightly longer than the circumference of the pool noodle.
  4. Glue the paper strips to the pool noodle, overlapping them slightly. Cover the entire noodle with Mod Podge.
  5. Paint the pool noodle (covered in paper) white with acrylic paint.
  6. Cut cardboard circles to cover the ends of the pool noodle and glue them in place.
  7. Paint details on the faux birch logs, like knots and branch ends, to resemble real birch bark.

Here are the steps to make the festive planter:

  1. Fill a planter with styrofoam.
  2. Wrap garland around the planter and secure it.
  3. Push evergreen picks into the styrofoam to fill out the planter.
  4. Insert dowel rods into the unfinished ends of the faux birch logs.
  5. Push the dowel rods on the faux birch logs into the styrofoam in the planter.
Faux birch tree log planter by Chloe Crabtree

3. Pool noodle ornament wreath

Moving over to festive door decor, this tutorial by Amanda C guides you through creating a customizable wreath using pool noodles, ornaments, and a touch of greenery.


  • 2 Pool Noodles (ready to transform!)
  • Bread Knife (for precise cutting)
  • Hot Glue Gun (your crafting companion)
  • Duct Tape (to secure the base)
  • Ornaments (a festive assortment, with a focus on larger ones)
  • Dried Greenery (eucalyptus is a lovely choice!)
  • Battery-powered Fairy Lights (optional, for an extra twinkle)


  1. Using duct tape, connect the ends of your pool noodles to form a circle.
  2. Decide on your desired wreath size and use the bread knife to carefully cut the taped pool noodles. Once you're happy with the size, reconnect the ends with duct tape to complete the circle.
  3. Hot glue large ornaments to both the inner and outer edges of your pool noodle circle.
  4. Continue hot gluing ornaments on top of the pool noodle, aiming to cover it completely. Fill any gaps with your smaller ornaments for a cohesive look.
  5. For a beautiful finishing touch, incorporate dried greenery.
  6. Want to add an extra twinkle? Wrap battery-powered fairy lights around the ornaments and greenery for a magical touch.
Pool noodle ornament wreath by Amanda C

4. Jumbo Christmas ornament wreath

If you'd rather go bigger, this giant Christmas ornament wreath project by Sonata Home Design is surprisingly easy to create and uses readily available materials.


  • 2 Pool Noodles
  • Duct Tape
  • Wire with Jute Covering (or similar)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • A Glittering Assortment of Christmas Ornaments (various sizes and colors)
  • Christmas Picks (optional, for added texture)

Build the Wreath Base:

  • Connect the ends of your two pool noodles using duct tape to create a sturdy circle.
  • Next, fashion a hanger by looping your wire under the pool noodle and securing the ends with another piece of duct tape.

Adorn with Ornaments:

  • Break out the hot glue gun! Apply glue to the ornament, not the pool noodle, and carefully place it on the outer rim of your wreath. Repeat this process until the entire outer edge is adorned with festive cheer.
  • Feeling ambitious? Add another layer of ornaments to the inner rim for extra volume.
  • Fill any remaining gaps between ornaments with smaller baubles and Christmas picks. These finishing touches add depth and visual interest to your wreath.
Jumbo Christmas ornament wreath by Sonata Home Design

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5. Cactus Christmas tree

And now for something completely different! Moving away from the traditional, this tutorial from Hometalker Abbie M shows you how to make a unique, artificial Christmas tree in the shape of a cactus.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Pool noodles
  • Shipping tubes
  • Duct tape
  • Wire hanger (cut and flattened)
  • Christmas lights
  • Garland
  • Tree decorations (baubles, stars, etc.)


  1. Cut the wire hanger into a straight piece and the pool noodle into 2 similar pieces.
  2. Secure the drainage hole of a plant pot and fill a shipping tube with rocks for stability. Place it upright in the pot and secure it with more rocks.
  3. Tape additional shipping tubes on top of each other to create the cactus body.
  4. Insert the wire from the hanger into the pool noodle pieces and tape them onto opposite sides of the tube structure to resemble cactus arms.
  5. Wrap garland around the entire cactus, securing it with hot glue at the top and bottom.
  6. Decorate your cactus tree with lights and ornaments.
Cactus Christmas tree by Abbie M

6. Winter garland

For something that works for the holidays and beyond, this project by Chloe Crabtree is all about creating a winter garland for your porch railings.

Here's what you'll need:

  • White pool noodles
  • Glittery silver garland
  • Small trees
  • Snow-covered flowers
  • Foam snowflakes
  • Long-needled pine stems
Winter garland by Chloe Crabtree

This tutorial explains how to attach these decorations securely to the porch railings using zip ties, pipe cleaners, and greening pins. The result is a snowy and magical winter-themed porch decor, suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. The materials are mostly sourced from Dollar Tree or on sale, making it an affordable project.

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So there you have it! These pool noodle projects prove that holiday decorating can be fun, easy, and budget-friendly. With a little creativity and some colorful pool noodles, you can transform your home and yard into a winter wonderland.

Happy crafting, and Merry Christmas!

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