Asked on Dec 11, 2015

How to hide white light string on a green christmas tree?

I have tons of white string lights that I would like to use but I need to know how to hide them with ribbon or garland.
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Dec 11, 2015
    have you tried wrapping the garland or ribbon around them?
  • Snapoutofit Snapoutofit on Dec 11, 2015
    These days, string lights are not that expensive. Treat yourself to new lights and save your creative time for something else
  • MN Mom MN Mom on Dec 11, 2015
    Hi Shawn If you can sew at all, you can make a sleeve out of tulle ribbon and thread the string of lights inside it. The tulle will be sheer enough to have the lights "glow" through and the lights can then be used as a decorative garland to adorn your tree. Just lay out a length of sheer tulle ribbon, enough to cover the entire string of lights and sew (or hot glue or staple) the edges of length of the garland. Thread the lights and there you go! Hope this helps!
  • Pam Walker Pam Walker on Dec 11, 2015
    GREEN Electrical Tape OR Green Duct Tape wrapped around the white cord itself before putting them on the tree. Cut the duct tape in strips first, then wrap, it'll be easier & you won't use as much tape in the process. :)
  • Julies1949 Julies1949 on Dec 11, 2015
    You can remove the bulbs,fill thesocket with a small piece of paper towel (so you don't cover the contacts inside the socket) and spray paint the cords and sockets. Remove the paper towelling and re-insert the bulbs.
  • Janet chambers Janet chambers on Dec 12, 2015
    I would wrap the cord in green floral tape. It's a little sticky and would be easy to wrap around the cord.
  • Wallie Simmons Wallie Simmons on Dec 12, 2015
    I would tie strips of fabric around the white wire. Maybe silver ribbon then wrap the lights around the tree and it looks like it was meant to be. I did it in the bathroom around mirror to match my colors. Time consuming.
  • Barbara Barbara on Dec 12, 2015
    There is floral tape that is slightly tacky (Dollar Tree has them 2 spools in a package for a buck, sometimes you can get it at the 99 cent store too). I'd start from the plug and just wrap the cord, tugging slightly to get the floral tape snug to the cord. The floral tape is green and it sticks to itself, tape the ends with (clear) shipping tape to secure. Labor intensive but at least you don't have much $$ invested and can use the lights.
  • Carolyn V Carolyn V on Dec 12, 2015
    I'd buy a cheap white tree and make another themed three; for another room; or snow spray paint an older tree at thrift store
  • Sonia Sonia on Dec 12, 2015
    I would spray paint the cord green.
  • The ideas above are great ideas but the time you are going to spend doing this is time that you can never get back. I would donate the lights or use them somewhere else and buy new ones. I am as thrifty as thrifty can be but I have learned over the years that sometimes our time is worth a whole lot more than we think. Just my 2 cents worth.
    • MN Mom MN Mom on Dec 14, 2015
      Time is valuable, you're right! But she asked for apparently she wants to spend some time creating something. Just my two cents
  • LD LD on Dec 12, 2015
    I would silver or white garland and wrap it around the wiring, this way you have addressed the lights and the garland all at once. Use clear filament thread to secure the garland to the lights and that way you don't have to worry about it becoming unraveled, and every year after that it's ready to reused.
  • Shawn Marie Fernau Shawn Marie Fernau on Dec 14, 2015
    Thank you, Love all the wonderful ideas :)
  • Merri Jo Ounan Merri Jo Ounan on Dec 14, 2015
    Why not buy green garland and wrap around the lights? It will help fill out the tree, too.
  • Mia Mia on Dec 07, 2019

    Garden Frog is right. I too chose the wrong color and was looking for ideas, but my time is valuable too. MN this WAS an idea. A really good one.