How to make a small tree in small place

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  • Kim Kim on Dec 05, 2017
    A wall tree can save space and still get the holiday spirit flowing!
    You can use Command hooks to squiggle a garland back and forth (wide at the bottom, narrow at the top) adding lights and ornaments with a nice tree topper to finish the look.

    I also found this cute little tree made from wire hangers! I can’t seem to get the link but it’s on Hometalk under Christmas decor. Just look up Wire Hangers Christmas Tree


    • Mss10577066 Mss10577066 on Dec 05, 2017
      Thanks since I no longer live in my house and moved to a apartment this will be great.

  • Do you want to make a christmas tree?

  • 62q10370829 62q10370829 on Dec 05, 2017
    I use a 3 ft fake tree as my cats keep knocking my tree over. I set it in a corner. One yr we didn't have money for a tree & daughter made one from 2 big pcs of card board & painted it. It worked.