Asked on Dec 02, 2017

Looking for a Ivory Snow/Paraffin/Ice Christmas Candle recipe

Karen Meyer
by Karen Meyer
Do any of you know the real recipe for this? It takes Soap flakes, water and melted paraffin whipped like meringue. Add fragrance. Add glitter. Pour into empty 1/2 gal milk carton with the wick suspended from the top, knotted out the bottom. When cool, cut wick at top and bottom and peel carton away. Voila! Christmas Candle. Pour out water where ice used to be. I need the right ratios. Mother made it as a den mother.

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  • Gail Morey Gail Morey on Dec 02, 2017

    Look on Suzy’s Sitcom. I think she made these. Not sure about the soap flakes, but check it out.

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    • Karen Meyer Karen Meyer on Dec 03, 2017

      this sounds like it! I remember the greenery and BEERY’s to and around the bay she put pinecones that had some of the snow flock on them. I had to be about five but my memory is so vivid about some of the projects she worked on For those Cub Scouts and their families

  • Karen Meyer Karen Meyer on Dec 03, 2017

    Thanks this looks like a huge part of the recipe. What I’m curious about is, how do you whip the snowflakes from Ivory Snow detergent with the paraffin? Must have to put it over a double boiler something to keep it from getting hard why are you whipping it. what do you think? My memory is telling me that when she poured it into the mold it was very hot, and frothy and a lot like meringue when it hit the ice chips