The Easiest Way to Transform Your Living Room for the Holidays

3 Materials
2 Minutes
Looking for a cheap, fun and easy DIY Christmas decoration? Well, look no further than this creative wrapping paper project by simply wrapping your pictures in festive paper you can achieve a whole new look. I was really surprised myself at how much this Christmas decorations idea changed the whole feel of my living room. Also, I want to thank home talker Judith for inspiring me to do this project. Step 1: Gather your supplies
The main thing I used was some lovely holiday wrapping. I also used cello tape, ribbon and some bows. The best thing about this project is you can get wrapping paper to whatever color scheme matches your decorations or works with your color scheme.
Here's my gallery wall before. It's ready for some holiday cheer. Step 2: Remove the pictures from the wall
I took down my pictures one at a time but taking them all down at once works well also. Just remember it might be a little hard getting them back to the correct place once they are wrapped. Although when you can't see the front who cares. Step 3: Wrap your picture
I placed my picture on my wrapping paper and cut a piece about an inch and a half larger than the width and length of my picture. This gave me plenty of paper to go up the sides and onto the back of my picture.
Then I secured the paper to the back with cello tape. There's a little bit of tucking involved in making the corners lay nicely just as there would be when wrapping a real present. Step 4: Add decoration
I used fun ribbons and bows that coordinated with wrapping paper. Some of the bows I made myself using this trick .
Can you just feel that holiday cheer?
This holiday project will definitely put your home decor more into the holiday spirit!
Suggested materials:
  • Wrapping paper   (dollar tree)
  • Ribbons
  • Tape
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  • Stephanie Stephanie on Dec 16, 2017
    Is this an american thing?

  • Barbara Baldwin Barbara Baldwin on Dec 16, 2017
    Are the sketches your doing?

  • Diana Crick Diana Crick on Dec 10, 2021

    I would be worried about ripping the backing from the picture frame by using scotch tape. Wouldn't it be wiser to use a piece of cardboard that fit the back and scotch tape to that.

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