The X Large Cone Christmas Tree Made With Wire and Ribbon

by Jennifer
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Hi Hometalkers! I've been busy making decorations for the season of lights and joy! I really wanted a topiary tree for the front porch but not the ordinary type,something a bit different that will be awesome for me!
I have been saving some material and some embellishments just for this project. Some of those embellishments were giving to me, some I bought and some I made for this tree!
This is what I made...
Blue Hawk (Actual: 10-ft x 2-ft) Rolled Wire Galvanized Steel Hardware Cloth Rolled Fencing I bought earlier this year for another use.I ended up not using it but had another idea for what to use it for in my mind's eyeicon Just had to wait almost 10 months to put my idea in action!
I started by folding almost 8 feet of the fencing in half then used heavy duty cutters to cut out a big triangle with the top point being the crease of the fold.You should wear some gloves for this part of the project! The wire will get you when you are cutting it and it hurtsicon ! OUCH!! Well I'm wearing gloves now!!
This step needs gloves too! Now I have the makings of a very large cone of steel! I bent the ends of the metal to hook together the sides to each other. You can see the way I hooked the sides in this picture.Then you can push on the seams to make it puff out to a cone shape. Use needle nose pliers to help bend the wire into a hook.
Now that I have a form I want to cover it with some festive fabric but I didn't have enough of the fabric I wanted to use so I used ribbon instead! I got a bunch of Christmas ribbon at the Goodwill earlier this year (one huge bag for $4.99). I have used it for quite a bit of new Christmas decorations and posted them already on Hometalkicon !
The reason I wanted to cover it was because I didn't want some wire cone tree with lights hanging off of it! I don't think it would look right in the daytime, all you would see is a bunch of wire with lights hanging off of it! YUCK!icon
I wrapped some ribbon around the cone to see what I liked. That's not it, it just doesn't look... no, no that's not it!icon
So I decided to make strips of ribbon around the cone and it looks way better like this! I started at the bottom and worked my way to the top while covering about 1/4 inch of each the ribbon strip with the next strip and used hot glue to attach the ends together in the back of the cone.
All that is done, now I need a top piece for the tree, a fence post cap will be great. I used white spray paint and glitter. I thought a little texture would be nice. It looks like snow!icon  
While the post cap is drying I started on the ornaments for the tree. What better to put on an outdoor tree but pinecones. I had already bleached the pinecones just needed to add some sort of way to hang them on the treeicon  
That will be more wire and ribbonicon ! A small piece of ribbon looped and hot glued to the pinecone then a piece of wire to hang on the fence cone in between the ribbon strips!
I will need a stand, one spool that held wire, spray painted that white. I also need something for the cone to sit on, this old metal platter will work great! It is also reflective and the lights will be brighter!icon
I used some extra lights I got from Walmart for $2.50 last year just in case I needed them. Lo and behold I did need them for this project! I put the lights inside the cone and twisted the poinsettias wires stems of the flowers icon
around the light string on the inside so the lights are seen from the top to the bottom icon
I used a small wooded wheel I had to hold the post cap in place on the top of the tree with wood glue and some wire. It works well and has not moved!
These are the foam cones I made earlier this year! They look so small compared to the XX large one behind themicon ! The little ones will be displayed on the top of the bookcases and the big one is on the porch
I added some crocheted snowflakes my mom gave me with hot glue, some deep red poinsettias stuck in between the ribbon strips, the pinecones, two white doves and one big bow!!
This is lit at dusk and the lights shine through the ribbon!
I pushed the cone around the metal platter I used to hold the cone straight! From top to bottom it stands at 4'10 inches and is 2' wide! That's way bigger than the ordinary tree you see by front doors! It also matches my front door wreath! Finished!!
I could bring it inside if I only had more room, say a foyer would be spectacular but my front door opens right into the living room where I already have the 7' treeicon that I love,so for now it will be on the porch for all to see!
Any questions and all comments are welcomed! Thanks for looking at my Extra large cone tree and I hope it inspires y'all to make one for yourself!
Suggested materials:
  • Blue Hawk (Actual: 10-ft x 2-ft) Rolled Wire Galvanized Steel Hardware Cloth Rolled Fencing   (Lowes)
  • Ribbon   (Goodwill thrift store)
  • String lights (50 ct)   (Walmart)
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  • Amy Underwood Wilson Amy Underwood Wilson on Nov 28, 2017

    so cute!!!😍

    • Jennifer Jennifer on Nov 28, 2017
      Thanks Amy! Now I have to go and work on my bar, I'm adding on another section and will post that soon!
  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Nov 28, 2017

    Very inspiring. There are so many ways a person could make this to match or highlight their home!

    • Jennifer Jennifer on Nov 28, 2017
      I agree Linda, once you have the form and a stand like a plant pot, bucket or a real wood stump (that sounds cute) anything goes with the rest! Thanks so much!